Factory Town: How To Get Fertilizer

Increase the yield of your crops!

Factory town includes multiple buildings and items that can increase your production. You can produce items like fertilizer and it is also a byproduct of the Pasture when creating certain recipes. Below is how you can get Fertilizer in Factory Town. 

How to Get Fertilizer

Before you can get a Fertilizer you need to have a Pasture building first. Pastures are a type of building that produces animal products. You can produce Fertilizer in this building by using its own recipe.

You can also get Fertilizer as a byproduct from other products in the Pasture. Once the pasture is full of fertilizer, it will not produce any more fertilizers so be sure to check it often. 

What is a Fertilizer?

A Fertilizer is a craftable item in the pasture. It is also a byproduct of most products that you can get from the pasture. You can use the Fertilizer as fuel for your farm. 

You can also use the Fertilizer to increase the yield of your crops, consuming a fertilizer at 1/40th for a single farm tile. You also need Fertilizer if you want to place a Tree Planter or a Farm Tile on a Farm.

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