One Piece New Dreams: How To Unlock New Islands | Use Log Pose

Unlocking new maps!

One Piece New Dreams New Islands
One Piece New Dreams New Islands

The Log Pose is an important equipment in One Piece: New Dreams in order to unlock new islands. Inspired from the animation, the Log Pose will point you towards the direction where you need to go. This time, we’re going to share with you how you can use the Log Pose to reach new islands.

How To Unlock New Islands

The Log Pose is an item that goes into your inventory after you buy one. Do note you’re going to need a boat to use the Log Pose, although the alternative method of swimming exists, it’s not recommended. Click on the Log Pose and it’ll show you a list of islands you can go to.

The catch is instead of showing you the new islands, it is an item that allows you to show the direction after unlocking them. To unlock these destinations, you have to reach them first by boating there. You can see silhouettes of new islands by exploring the water of Grand Line.

When you reach a new island, it’ll add that to a list of places you can go to with your Log Pose.

One Piece New Dreams use Log Pose and unlock new islands

That’s how you can unlock new islands and use the Log Pose in One Piece New Dreams!

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