One Piece New Dreams: Complete Beginner’s Guide

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One Piece New Dreams has just had its official full launch and players are already hyped up! One Piece fans and hardcore Roblox players are scurrying to play this new game that features a plethora of content. This includes friends working their way towards forming a crew and taking their servers by storm!

In this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know as a beginner in One Piece New Dreams. This will help you traverse this new world, because it can be quite treacherous! Let’s get into it.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

Starting Out

When you spawn in the game, you will start with practically nothing. This can be a little overwhelming, especially if you see other players jacked up with the best stats and gear. Don’t worry, as you can easily catch up with the right strategy. 

You want to start off by fighting NPCs that are available on any of the starting islands. Explore the islands and you will be able to find them running around in groups.

Since you have no weapon, you will need to resort to your fists. The fighting will be difficult at first, but you will get the hang of it eventually.

Battling NPC with Fists in One Piece New Dreams.

Once you down an enemy, this is where you can grip them to finish them off. However, gripping can be difficult if you haven’t downed the other NPCs in the group. When you grip, you get stuck in an animation and NPCs can come hit you, resulting in your pulling out of the animation.

As a result, the downed enemy is not finished off. These enemies can get back up again if they aren’t gripped and you’ll need to hit them again before the animation finishes, so they are in the downed state again. With practice, you can get the hang of it and finish groups of NPCs.

Grip Animation with Fists in One Piece New Dreams.

Gripping NPCs provides you with PvE XP which will help you level up. When your level has risen up to Lvl 3-5, this is the point where you can start trying out PvP fighting.

Gripping players that are your level in PvP battles gives you double the XP of PvE. As a result, this is the best way for you to progress your level.

PvP Battle in One Piece New Dreams.

Unlocking Chests and Using Keys

Whenever you wipe a group of NPCs, there is a chance for a chest to spawn in a random location nearby where you met the group. Don’t worry if you can’t find it initially, as sometimes the chests can spawn a bit further away or in awkward areas which you don’t notice initially.

Chest Spawning in One Piece New Dreams.

At the start, when you interact with the chest you will notice that you can’t open it and it will simply be in your arms.

This is because you need either a Chest Key to open it on the spot or locate a Chest Appraiser who will open it for you. It is recommended that you start using Chest Keys the moment that you can afford to buy them. 

Opening Chest with Chest Key in One Piece New Dreams.

You can get them from a Merchant selling them for about 80 Beli, the in-game currency. This is because you get a higher chance of getting better items when you use Keys.

You don’t have to worry about losing Keys as they will stay in your inventory even if you die. So, make sure you start stocking up on them!

Chest Key Shop in One Piece New Dreams.

You can get a variety of items from these chests and they provide various stat boosts and buffs. To see exactly what boosts they provide, you can hover over their name in the inventory and the information will be displayed to you in the bottom right of your menu.

Item Information on Menu in One Piece New Dreams.

Becoming A Pirate

If you’re playing with friends, you will want to get to forming a crew as soon as possible so you can take the seas by storm! The requirements for building a crew are that you need 100k Bounty and Lvl 5. Once you make a crew you can invite other players to join it, making you the Captain.

The people that join your crew will become Pirates. Additionally, if you make a crew, you will not lose that 100k bounty.

Pirate Indication after joining crew in One Piece New Dreams.

Using Skill Points

As you level up in the game, you will start to earn Skill Points. You get 2 stat points for every level until level 20, and this will change to 3 as you reach level 30.

However, during your play time, you will notice that there doesn’t seem to be any way for you to utilize these Skill Points to upgrade your Attributes.

Unassigned Skill Points in One Piece New Dreams.

This is because these skill points are not used like traditional games by assigning them through a menu. Instead, you need to buy training equipment that matches with the attribute you are trying to upgrade. You can find these Training Equipment at specific shops scattered around the world.

Leg Training Equipment Purchase in One Piece New Dreams.

Purchasing the equipment and using it will open a menu which asks you which one you want to upgrade.

Choosing one will play an animation of your character training that specific attribute, which you will do by clicking. Once that is done, go to the menu and you will see that a skill point has been assigned to it.

Skill Points Assigned to Attributes in One Piece New Dreams.

Here is a small guide showing you the various attributes in the game and what equipment you need to train them:

Arm StrengthImproved by using Dumbells (Higher weights require less clicks)
PrecisionImproved by using Dumbells
Leg StrengthImproved by using Barbells (Higher Weights require less clicks)
AgilityRed Mat
VitalityBlue Mat

Learning Fighting Styles

There are a variety of Styles that are available in the game and each of these scales off a particular attribute. These Styles can be divided into three categories: Fist Styles, Weapon Styles and Ranged Styles. To learn fighting styles, you will need to locate a trainer for that particular style and learn it.

Learning 2SS From Trainer in One Piece New Dreams.

Generally, you will only really need to train your Arm Strength and Vitality as this is what most styles will scale off from.

However, there are exceptions like Black Leg which scale off of Leg Strength. This game has a lot of build variety so make sure you train your Fighting style according to the build you’re going for.

Highlighted Important Attributes in One Piece New Dreams.

For most of these styles, the initial learning requirements are 10k Beli, 50k Bounty and Lvl 5.

However, when you go to them to learn new skills in that fighting style, these requirements will progressively increase. Here is a small guide which shows you where you can find a trainer for each style:

StyleTrainer Location
Black LegKita Lo
Rokushiki (Preferred for Marines)Near Marine Outpost C9
RyusokenRocky Point
Fishman KarateKori Island
1SS (One Sword Style)Sun Down Island
2SS (Two Sword Style)Keimusho (Plains Biome)
3SS (Three Sword Style)Distorted Island
AxeShokei Island
Blunderbuss (Gun)Kori Island

Gaining Haki

Haki can be a bit confusing for new players because they spawn into the game and can’t seem to find it anywhere. This is because Haki is not available to players at the start. This is because you must reach at least Lvl 15, which is when your Haki progression will actually begin.

Gaining Buso Haki in One Piece New Dreams.

There are three types of Haki in the game:

  • Busoshoku Haki: Progression unlocks at Lvl 15. To gain this Haki, you must start gripping players with Haki XP which allows you to steal their progression. You can also kill bosses and Fishmen/Skypiean NPCs to gain this Haki XP.
  • Kenbunshoku Haki: Progression unlocks at Lvl 15. To gain This Haki, you must dodge bosses at the last second using Q, allowing you to gain it. You can even steal this Haki from other players by gripping them.
  • Haoshoku Haki (Conqueror’s Haki): This is the strongest and most difficult Haki to obtain in the game. You must have 50% Will or be Top 10 in Bounty in the whole game. You get only 1% Will by having 10k gold and 1 million bounty, and these requirements increase for every percentage.
Gaining Ken Haki in One Piece New Dreams.

And there you have it, a complete beginner’s guide to get you running when you join the game. The world of One Piece New Dreams is vast, and we recommend that you keep exploring to discover new things. Make sure to also experiment with builds so you can discover the best for you!

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