One Piece New Dreams: How To Get All Types of Haki

Getting all the Haki styles!

One Piece New Dreams is a highly anticipated One Piece game that has been released recently on Roblox. Players can have characters of different races and fight against iconic bosses and enemies from the series while aiming to be the greatest pirate.

One of the many aspects of the game is the different Haki types that are available in it. In simpler words, Haki is the spiritual energy that allows the user to develop new abilities. This guide will focus on how to get all the different types of Haki.

How To Get All Haki Types

This guide will be divided into different portions, with each one focusing every Haki types in the game and how to get them. In case you’re only looking for specific ones, you can use the Table of Contents below.

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Base Haki

The first Haki that you get is the base one. This is unlocked after reaching either Level 15. This base Haki is also known as Armament Haki or Busoshoku Haki.

To unlock it, you need to grip players with Haki experience and kill bosses or Fishman/Skypiean NPCs, as they all give Haki experience. Gripping players with Haki allows you to steal the Haki experience.

To increase the level of this Haki, you will also need to obtain experience using the same methods as mentioned previously.

Observation Haki

The second Haki type that you can obtain is the Observation Haki. This is also known as the Kenbunshoku Haki. This allows you to see players through walls and view their stamina bars as well. You can unlock this Haki at level 15 by timing your Q Dodges against bosses at the last seconds.

This also provides you with the Haki experience to level this up. Additionally, gripping players with the Kenbunshoku Haki will provide you with bonus experience to level up faster.

Advanced Haki

After getting the base Haki versions, you can upgrade to the advanced versions. For this, you will need to make sure that your Hakis have been leveled up to their maximum potential. For reference, this is level 3.5. Once this is done, go to Skypiean Island and talk to the NPC in the image below.

NPC to talk to

He will essentially ask you which path you want to choose. You can choose to go with Advanced Busoshuko or the Advanced Kenbunshoku. This will also require you to invest some money into it so make sure that you have the cash to spare.

Fullbody Buso

Lastly, there is the best Haki that is obtainable in the game called Fullbody Buso. This can be obtained after you have maxed out both the advanced Haki variants.

For reference, level 5 is the cap of the advanced versions. Additionally, you should have invested 25 million invested in health, 5 million in damage, and 5 million in stamina to be able to unlock this.

Full body buso

After all these requirements have been met, talk to the same NPC again, and you can unlock this Haki style for 100k Beli.

This increases the cap of the other Haki versions to 5.5 and allows you to get True Damage Reduction. This means that nothing in the game can armor pierce Full Body Buso damage reduction.

We hope that this guide to all the Haki types in One Piece New Dreams was helpful to you. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions for future articles.

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