Outriders Worldslayer: Best Pyromancer Levelling Build Guide

Want to be a Pyromancer beast in Outriders? Here’s how.

Outriders Worldslayer: Best Pyromancer Levelling Build Guide

Outriders has some great classes you can use to build your character to the way you want them to play. If you’re the kind of player that likes to play with fire, then the Pyromancer is the class for you. However, leveling up your Pyromancer can take a while, as Outriders is a live-service game and these types of games tend to make things harder. But don’t fret, as this guide will help you level up your Pyromancer quick.

Best Pyromancer Levelling Build Guide – Outriders Worldslayer

Before we get started, bear in mind that this build will not feature any specific gear or mods, as this build is mostly focused on leveling the class at the start of the game until endgame.

Starting off with the skills you will be using, first up is Heatwave. This skill summons a flaming wave that deals damage, as well as inflicts Burn to any enemy in its path.

The second is Thermal Bomb, which is basically an incendiary grenade as a skill. This skill singles out one enemy and explodes them, causing Burn and Interrupt to the enemy.

Lastly is Feed the Flames. This skill will pull an enemy towards you while dealing damage as well. Make sure to select all of these skills as they are important for the build.

After selecting your skills, you’ll have put your skill points into the Tempest path. A key point to remember is Wildfire, a skill that decreases all skill cooldowns by 10%, With Fire and Anomaly, a skill that increases Anomaly Power by 12% when using an Explosive skill, and Phoenix Nestling which grants the player a second wind, allowing them to return to the battlefield with 50% health should the player lose all of their health.

Further down the path is Flames That Burn Twice, which increases damage against Elites by 10%, and lastly, is Grave Ablaze, which increases Explosive skills damage by 30%. Make sure you get all of these as they are all important to the build. 

In the Pax points, you will be going the Pyromaniac route. But make sure to activate Melting Point, Scorched Flesh, Convection, Furnace, and Burnt Offerings. These must be activated first before anything else.

In Ascension, you will have to put all of the Anomaly sections at level 10. It has to be max for this build to work. Afterwards, put the rest of your points to Armor, Elite Damage Mitigation, Resistance, Close Range Damage, Weapon Damage, Cooldown Reduction, Critical Damage and Damage Against Elites.

As you progress through the game, you will no doubt get more skill points or Pax points and such, but remember to activate all of the mentioned skills above if you want to have a killer Pyromancer build by the end of the game.

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