Outriders Worldslayer: Trepidation Quest Guide

How to find the boat in this big swamp?!

Outriders Worldslayer offers a lot of new maps and enemies to fight against. In this guide that we will be going over, you’ll find yourself in a swampy area full of insurgents dressed as ghosts. And also a big boss battle at the end. Let’s see how to finish it in the Trepidation Quest Guide.

Trepidation Quest Guide – Outriders Worldslayer

This quest is after the first one that you finish. You will need to talk to Channa and choose the option to Prepare the Truck and Depart to Driftwater.

Once you have done so, you will get a short cutscene and you will find yourself in a swampy area looking for a boat. You can open the Map and it will show you directly where you will need to go. It is going to be marked with a Star.

This map is beautifully designed so make sure to check every inch of it. You can find lots of hidden stuff like crests and journals from the villagers too. Careful when you start getting close to the house areas as you will start seeing enemies nearby.

Walk all the way to the right side of the map and you will see a mini-pier at the end of the village. Walk next to this pier and Investigate. Here is where you’ll find your boat.

You will see a short cutscene and you’ll notice that enemies were right behind you. They will ambush you so be ready for a big battle.

They will keep coming wave after wave. Make sure to keep yourself next to cover and on the move at all times. You can start rotating to the right when you’ve noticed their number going down slightly.

Completing the Trepidation Quest in Outriders Worldslayer

After this, you will go on the offensive. Start pushing them and rush deeper into the village. Even behind that tower. After you’ve cleared them all you can go back to the pier and to the big Dock building. Inside here is where you’ll find the boat. Activate the lever and a cutscene will pop up with the boat falling into the water.

Or that’s what you would think. Get ready to fight with the Fisherman. Tons of enemies will keep coming to you and in the end, is when you’ll find this boss. You will need to investigate the new arrival before this though. So go on the move towards the marked point on your map.

The Fisherman battle is fairly hard to beat but just stay on the move and dodge his attacks at all cost. He is a melee boss that will keep trying to get to you. Does not have a lot of HP and the arena for fighting is actually to your advantage. There are multiple positions where you can get the high ground on him.

He will drop a good set of loot after you will kill him. Now go from where you originally were on that pier at the beginning of all this, from where the Fisherman arrived. Walk unto the pier and next to the boat. You will get across the water finally and have completed the quest successfully.

Congratulations! I hope this guide was of some help in finishing the Trepidation Quest.

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