Outriders Worldslayer: Omens Quest Guide

How to finish the Omens Quest?

Snowstorm and lots of hard and huge enemies is what you’ll be seeing in the new Outriders Worldslayer map. In this guide, we will be going over the first quest, or the Omens Quest, in this new addition and have a look at how to pass it.

Omens Quest Guide – Outriders Worldslayer

First of all, you will need to depart on this adventure to the new location itself. To do this, you will need to talk to Channa. In her dialogue just select the first choice and off you’ll go.

You’ll get into a short cutscene now and you’ll be finding yourself in the new location ahead of new enemies in front of you. You will find yourself in the Last Pod.

Here at the very start, you’ll have enemies to defeat, especially the ones that are pulling on that big monster at the very start. You will need to take them all out.

Be careful with the big guy. You can dodge him and evade his attack. He is a pretty slow-moving enemy so that shouldn’t be a very big of a problem. After you clear out all of the enemies, your goal will be to Access the Pod, after those same enemies tried to do the exact same thing.

Once you enter you’ll also see a cutscene. In this cutscene, you will start to realize that a problem(without spoiling anything) is growing and becoming a great danger.

After this, you will go outside and you’ll see a completely different landscape. The map will be kind of a spiral way in which you will need to make your way from the one end to the other. It looks like this:

You will have a lot to explore so do not stick to only those red arrows. It’s a massive and beautiful world that is meant to be fully seen and explored. You can find a couple of Local Quests here too.

Keep moving and clear all the enemies that are in your path. Some enemies will be tougher than other ones but you should know that by now. Along your way, you’ll get crests that you can open which will further improve your gear. Try locating them all along your way so it will be an easier road.

You will keep walking until you reach the big cave. Inside there will be a big enemy again which is very deadly and this time hard to defeat because of how closed in the cave is. He will go down eventually after a certain amount of damage has been dealt with him.

You will follow the voices of your crew members and this guy will get the jump on you. After you defeat him you’ll get another cutscene where you lift and regroup with your crew. So another objective successfully finished – regroup with your crew.

After this cutscene, you will have to clear a way back to the truck. You will climb up to the surface outside the cave and now you’ll have just one road to follow and that’s the one in front of you. You will have flying enemies here too.

Get to the blue truck and kill the enemies around it. Now you can start going back to Rift Town with your truck. This is done in the cutscene that follows your shooting.

Now after this cutscene you will arrive at a completely destroyed Rift Town. There won’t be any enemies in here. You will simply have to walk around(it is a small map too) and just locate and meet with Shira.

There will be a Vendor inside where you can buy and sell stuff here. After this just keep following the star on your road and you’ll get to a little balcony on top of a hole where you’ll talk to Shira. Another cutscene will start.

Congratulations! You have successfully finished the first quest in Outriders Worldslayer – Omens Quest. I hope this guide was of some help.

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