Palia: How To Unlock Pets Guide

The pets have arrived!

Palia how to unlock pets
Palia how to unlock pets

Pets have finally arrived in Palia and we’re going to show you how to unlock them. Palia’s dev team had also shared that the addition of pets took a bit longer than intended. But they managed to bring them to us in the latest beta update. And as many have guessed yes – they are cats!

Let’s check out how you can have one of your own fur babies in the game!

How To Unlock Pets

Currently, the only available pets are Palcats. The top two cats are Sandy Palcat and the Nocturnal Palcat. While the bottom two are the Island Palcat and the Snowy Palcat. The Palcats have been added along with a lot of bug fixes to the game.

Palia how to unlock pets

Palcats are free gifts to anyone who have spent in the store. The Sandy Palcat is available to anyone who have spent any amount in the store. Then how do you get the other three variations?

The Nocturnal, Island, and Snowy breeds are only available if you’ve accumulated 3,000 coins in total spending. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent them or still have them. And it also counts the amount you’ve spent so far since the beta was launched.

The cheapest coin purchase in the store is currently $4.99 for 425 coins which, to be fair, isn’t enough to buy anything at all. But at least you get a cat!

To summon your cat, just press Y or go to your backpack and select the new Pet icon.

Palia how to get pets

You can also dismiss your pet through the same way and watch your new companion make your pictures a lot cuter!

Palia has stuck with their words that paid items would be cosmetics only and that’s what the cats do. There’s also a high chance for Palia to add even more cute pets like dogs similar to Hassian’s. So stay tuned!

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