Path of Titans: Is The Sucho Worth Growing? | 2.0

Should you grow Sucho?

If you ever wondered what it would be like to live as a dinosaur, you will love playing Path of Titans. But, you will need to choose from one of the 30 dinosaurs to be yours and you might not want to choose one of the less strong ones in the game if you want to survive.

The dinosaurs have undergone significant alterations as a result of the game’s latest 2.0 update. In this tutorial, we will look over the new additions to the Sucho and try to decide whether it is worth growing or not.

Is The Sucho Worth Growing?

Suchomimus is a huge semi-aquatic predator with a long snout that allows it to move fast through the water and bite at fish. It uses its claws to catch fish and ward off enemies. It can be considered one of the safe dinos as it is easier to grow because it can move fast on both the surface and beneath the water. And with the new updates, it is a high chance that many players would choose this dinosaur as their character.

Sucho’s New Look

So, Suchomimus‘ looks have gone through a big change in the newest update. It might not be a feature that plays an important role in choosing the dinosaurs, but who does not want to be a cool-looking dinosaur after all?


Is The Sucho Worth Growing Path of Titans


Is The Sucho Worth Growing Path of Titans

With his new features, Sucho is starting to look like the real deal. I believe the visual enhancement of this dinosaur has made him appear capable of winning a fight.

The Good Things About Sucho

  1. Sucho has the third higher HP in the carnivore category with 700 HP.
  2. He has 5000 combat weight, which can be considered really good since the max combat weight in the game is 7000.
  3. His sprinting speed is 9.5, which is slightly slower than that of certain dinosaurs but still rather good.
  4. Sucho gives 50 damage per bite, it is the medium damage in the game.
  5. His claw attack has high damage of 40.

Sucho’s New Senses Additions

The game added two new senses to Sucho. These are the Nictitating Membrane that allows him to see clearer underwater and Drenched Blows that deal %10 increased damage to wet targets.

Is The Sucho Worth Growing Path of Titans

Adding the Nictitating Membrane to Sucho may be beneficial; Sucho’s underwater vision is not awful without it, but this addition may come in useful while playing in the muddy waters.

Sucho’s New Hide Abilities

There are two new Hide choices in the game, one is Streamlined which increases swim speed, and the other one is Amphibious Scales which lets Sucho dry out much slower on land.

Path of Titans Amphibious Scales

It is unclear what Amphibious Scales will do in the game. So, it could be a little confusing at the moment. However, it is possible that it is about lowering thirst while on land and away from sources of water.

Sucho’s New Leg Ability

You can now give Webbed Feet ability to increase Sucho’s swim speed by %10 and decrease swim stamina drain % by 20.

Path of Titans Webbed Feet

Sucho’s New Tail Abilities

You can now choose between giving your dinosaur a Tail Attack ability which causes knockback, or the Paddle Tail ability which increases swim speed and turn speed by %10.

Path of Titans Tail Attack

The Bad Things About Sucho

  1. Sucho is the slowest swimmer in the game by his stats.
  2. He only has 2 moves to set. A bite and a claw.
Is The Sucho Worth Growing Path of Titans


So, Sucho has many benefits on the ground and under the water. His only problem can be that his stats are not high by means of moving under the water. However, the new additions seem like they closed the gap in a way between him and the other dinosaurs that are faster in the water. Because of that, everything about Sucho is looking good at this point and he might be worth to give it a try.

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