Path of Titans: Is The Sarco Worth Growing? | 2.0

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Path Of Titans Sarco On A Beach

With the new 2.0 update in Path of Titans there’s a ton of new features as well as changes in the game. Almost every Dinosaur in the game has had changes this patch and the Sarcosuchus is no different. One of the best damages dealing Dinos out there, what are the changes that were given to it? Is the Sarco still worth growing with the new changes?

In this guide, we’ll try to answer that question so that you don’t have to waste your time finding out! Now, let’s see what the new changes bought for our scaly friend.

Is The Sarco Worth Growing?

The Sarco is one of the best dinosaurs you could use if you want to experience both land and water in Path of Titans. Because of the new update though it might not be a great choice because of the changes done to it. Let’s see what the changes the update did to this gator and see if it’s worth growing it.

The Good

The recent update added a couple of new abilities that you can get. One such ability is the Nictating Membrane which makes you see clearer in water. The change doesn’t look that great on clearer waters but in the muddier waters this is a big deal.

The new patch also gave the Sarco the Gator Dash ability which makes for a great getaway ability. Use this to rush back into water when you’re in low health or bleeding a lot.

Path Of Titans Sarco Underwater

The Sarco is still a formidable carnivore, and its Crushing Bite is one of the best abilities in the game damage-wise. It’s also a great ability in underwater fights because other aquatics are large and finding a good angle to use Crushing Bite is easy in water.

The Bad

The new update added a few new abilities, but it also nerfed the Sarco hard. It lowered its maximum HP to the point where it’s one of the lower HP carnivores in the game. Not only that, but the Sarco already has one of the lowest health regen in the game adding more to the pain.

Path Of Titans Sarco Posing On A Rock

The Sarco’s cool new ability called Gator Dash is hampered because of it’s low Stamina that got even lower because of the new update. Did I mention that they nerfed the Stamina for the Sarco as well? Running out of hairy situations as the Sarco is difficult specially if you’re bleeding, since you can’t heal that underwater and need to be on land.


The Sarco used to be one of the best picks for Carnivores in the game, but with the recent changes it’s not looking so good. The stunted maximum HP as well as the nerf in stamina makes it a not-so-viable choice compared to other carnivores. The new abilities look cool, but ultimately aren’t game changers that outshines the negatives.

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