Path of Titans: Is The Dasp Worth Growing? | 2.0

What an upgrade!

Path Of Titans Dasp

With big 2.0 update for Path of Titans, there’s a lot of things that they’ve changed in the game. Some of the Dinosaurs have had major changes and some of them got better while others got worse. One of the Dinosaurs that were a bit underwhelming is the Dask. With this new update, it seems like they’ve had an upgrade.

We’ll take a look on what changed with the Dasp and see if it’s worth growing now. Now, let’s see what big changes that happened for this cool Dinosaur!

Is The Dasp Worth Growing?

Before the big 2.0 patch a lot of players didn’t really play the Dasp because of how bad it was. There were simple better carnivores out there for them to grow and the Dasp was lackluster. With the new update comes new buffs to the Dasp through and it’s looking like it’s now a viable pick!

The Good

The Dasp with the new update now has slightly faster running speed. Not only that, but they’ve also buffed the Health and Stamina Regeneration for the Dasp. The Stamina regeneration is especially welcomed and is easy to spot for those who have tried the Dasp Before.

Path Of Titans Dasp Heavy Bite

They’ve also added the Heavy Bite for the move set of the Dasp which deals a massive 120 damage. The Dasp now has a choice between Resilient Scale that increases Bleed and Venom healing by 30% or Tough Scutes that increase the armor by 25%. The former is a great choice if you’re fighting anything that inflicts a lot of bleed or venom.

The Bad

The Combat weight for the Dasp with the new patch is 2500 and it’s still a bit low for this dinosaur. They’ve also nerfed the Tyrant Roar since now it only affects you when you’re in a group, which may be a problem for solo players.

Path Of Titans Dasp Tyrant Roar


The Dasp before the big update wasn’t the best dinosaur pick but with the new changes it’s probably up there. With the wide buffs it received it made this mediocre pick into a viable one! If you have a party of Dasps that can run around this can be a great choice to grow. It’s certainly something that you have to try now that it’s actually fun to play!

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