Peroxide: Complete Easter Update Guide

Everything you need to know about Peroxide’s Easter update right here!

Peroxide is a Roblox fighting game heavily inspired by Bleach, and it receives a lot of regular content updates and events. One of the latest updates came with the recent passing of Easter, and in this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about the current patch!

Complete Easter Update Guide

Prior to the release of the Easter event, various small patches with balance changes and a wide range of bug fixes were rolled out throughout the holiday period. This included April Fools content, though these have since been removed.

The only significant addition that will appeal to all players is the release of the Easter Event, which will last for an unknown period of time, but we can assume it will stay until the next update.

We have a more detailed guide about how to participate in the Egg Hunt in Peroxide, but we will try to give you bits of information here so you can gauge your interest in actually joining in the fun.

Peroxide player fighting a Hollow with an Easter egg head

Easter Event Details

Basically, an NPC called Fluffy Chad, who oddly has an entire rabbit as a head, will tell you all about the various eggs scattered all throughout the map. Particularly, there will be some hidden around in the Menos Forest region.

Fluffy Chad can be found in the same location as the Valentine’s Event NPC (Hydupid Valenxide). We have a guide on how to find this exact location that you should check out if you are unsure of where he is.

Upon going to the Menos Forest, players can hunt for Easter eggs that will spawn in random places on the ground. Because of how it works, we cannot really give you much information on where to find eggs.

However, one very useful tip is to increase your brightness. To be honest, just crank it up to a ridiculous amount, because it is incredibly dark in this area. This will make it much easier for you to find eggs as you run around.

Peroxide player holding a Kon Egg

Easter Eggs & What To Do With Them

There are different types of Easter eggs in the game, and each of them have very distinctive designs. Here are all six of the types of eggs you can find all around the world:

  • Vizard Egg – Looks like a regular white egg with half of a Hollow mask stuck to it.
  • Hogyoku Egg – A translucent purple egg with a small purple orb visibly floating inside.
  • Hollow Egg – A green egg with a black spot and what appears to be a ribcage in the middle.
  • Menos Egg – A black and white egg that resembles the head of a Menos.
  • Grimmjow Egg – A strange egg with a set of teeth and a pinkish pattern that resembles Grimmjow’s chest scar.
  • Kon Egg – An egg that closely resembles Kon’s head.

Although they have unique designs and seemingly different rarities, players have noticed that they all contain the same rewards. Because of this, you shouldn’t worry too much about hunting specific egg types.

To claim your rewards from any type of egg, all you have to do is hold it and press Mouse 1 a few times (around three clicks) and it should disappear from your inventory. When that happens, you will receive a random drop.

These can be all sorts of resources and consumables, but eggs can also give you various skins and accessories that may come in handy.

Peroxide player fighting a Hollow with an Easter egg head

There really isn’t much else for the event aside from the egg hunt itself, so if you want to test your luck with the random rewards, you should go and look for them. While you’re here, consider checking out our Spirit Vasto Rage build guide for Peroxide to stay up to date with the game’s current PVP meta!


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