Planet Crafter: Anniversary Update – Everything You Need To Know

Happy Anniversary!

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Anniversary updates are, as you can tell, updates the celebrate the anniversary of a game by giving the players either some fun little events or cool hidden secrets. Live service games are usually the ones that celebrate an anniversary by dropping an update, but there are also other games that do anniversary updates, even if they are single player games. Recently, Planet Crafter released an anniversary update that celebrates their one year since the launch of Early Access. If you want to know what’s going on in the anniversary update for Planet Crafter, then you’ve come to the right place.

Everything You Need To Know – Planet Crafter

Anniversary Update Content

Planet Crafter is celebrating their one year anniversary of the Early Access release by doing an anniversary update. The update includes a very special and hidden bunker that contains the contents of the anniversary update. The uploaded a screenshot of said bunker as a way to give players a hint as to where it is.

Other than the bunker, there are some fixes for the game. Here is the complete patch notes for the update:

  • Include a hidden secret bunker somewhere on the planet
  • Add new secret ‘recipes’ to craft
  • Fix a out of bounds collision in new wreck
  • Reduce requirement for drill t5, provios eggs, gerero eggs and aquarium t2
  • Fix a water issue in the orange desert cave
  • Performances: Remove duplicate LODs
  • Minor modifications to the zeolite cave to increase ability to find one’s way
  • Improve localization recognition on title screen
  • Fix a crash if player remove a mod changing localization

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