Factory Town: Workers Not Moving

Keep your workers on the move!

Building and automating your town is a challenging process in Factory Town. Workers are one of the features that can help you improve your town. However, there are players that encounter errors with their Workers not moving at all on the map. 

What are workers?

Workers are a unit in Factory Town. Workers can carry anything except mining mana shards and elemental stones. At the beginning of the game, they are extremely helpful for you to get things around. However, later on, buildings will become more capable and efficient compared to Workers.

You can add workers in your town by going to the Build Menu. Select the Workers and click on the Worker item. Place the Worker on your map, depending on your preference. 

Workers are not Moving bug

If you experience your Workers not moving, you need to right-click on the target when you are selecting the dropoff destination of the worker. If you left-click on the target it will only highlight it, preventing the workers to move. 

Keep in mind that one house can only consume one item at a time. Trying to deliver into a house that is already consuming an item will cause the item to go to the Pantry instead.

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