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Praey For The Gods: All Gorm’s Letters Locations

What story do these letters hold? Navigate yourself around the island by using this guide!

Developed by Matter Studios, Praey For The Gods is an action-adventure survival game in which the character begins an adventure on a frozen island. In this article you will see where to find all Gorm’s Letters in the island.

All Gorm’s Letters Locations – Praey For The Gods

Here are the locations of all 6 of Gorm’s Letters. Each letter is marked with a picture for easier navigation.

  • .The first letter is pretty easy to find, just go outside of the temple, near the water. You will see the note on the left of the flag here. 
  • Go inland and follow the river until you reach the rocks as shown at the map below. The second letter can be spotted buried in the snow, just below the rocks.
  • The third letter is located on the ruined house. Climb on the arches and you will find it immediately.
  • The fourth letter is right on the edge of the cliffs as shown below.
  • The fifth letter can be found immediately on the snow-covered hill.
  • Lastly, you will find the sixth letter near a hut with a flag near it. Use the map below to serve as your guide.

And now, you’ve collected all of Gorm’s Letters! All that’s left is to read the information it contains.

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