Stop Roxy & Upgrade Freddy with Roxy’s Eyes – FNAF Security Breach

Do I hear an additional upgrade for Freddy? Come here, Roxy!

This mission starts after the mission Repair the Robot Head. Here you will need to claim Roxy’s eyes and use it to upgrade Freddy. Just follow these steps to successfully finish this task.

FNAF Security Breach Stop Roxy & Upgrade Freddy with Roxy’s Eyes

First, exit Western Arcade and head to Roxy Raceway. Avoid security robots on the road and enter the elevator

To get to the Roxy Raceway, when you get off the elevator, go down the stairs on the left and continue to the right of the stairs. 

Then move straight to the sliding red door. When you enter here head completely straight and go through small, red wooden panels

From here, you will also exit through a sliding door and see the Roxy Raceway sign. Go down the stairs and get into the go-cart

You will have a cut scene here showing you slammed the cart against Roxy. Afterwards, you’ll be able to then take Roxy’s eyes

After taking the eyes, you will have to get out of the Roxy Raceway, This part is a little harder because Roxy will chase you constantly

You can avoid being caught by moving around the series of rooms. You will have to lure Roxy to lunge at the wooden door for you to gain access to the next room. Do this until you reach the burning room.

Follow the path and you will see a vent on the wall. Quickly go inside. You will reach the stairs when you get out of the vent. Climb it and come back to Freddy

Exit Roxy Raceway with Freddie the same route you took and head to Parts and Service. You will now need to upgrade Freddie

Click on the computer and select Ocular Upgrade. You will also do this upgrade by following the color pattern.  

That’s all you need to do to escape from Roxy.

How’s the upgrade, Freddy?

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