How to Get the Best Start in Nightingale

Get a massive head start with these few tips!

Nightingale is a fairly complicated open world survival game with a lot of unique mechanics to keep in mind as you progress through it. In this guide, we will be giving you some advice on what you should be doing as you start your journey as a Realmwalker!

How to Get the Best Start

First of all, you should be gathering as many resources as you can. Even if you end up being over-encumbered, you should extract any excess materials to make more essence.

Essence is one of the most important resources you can get in the game, as it allows you to upgrade equipment, craft all sorts of things, and trade with certain NPCS.

We have a more in-depth guide about essence in Nightingale, which you should also check out as it contains valuable information that will stick with you until the endgame!

In addition to that, make sure to stock up on resources gained from fallen enemies. This includes stuff like leather, which you will need for your armor sets!

Nightingale player about to skin a dead wolf

Moving Around the World

Exploration is a key component of the gameplay loop, as there will be loads of points of interest scattered around the randomly generated realms that reward you with various valuables.

These points of interest will include certain instances full of hostiles and puzzles. Check out our guide on dungeons and towers in Nightingale for more information on some of these!

One thing you should be taking full advantage of is the umbrella. You get one of these as you progress through the tutorial, and it will serve you well when it comes to crossing great distances.

It is basically this game’s version of a glider that you will often see in other open world games. Using it will drain your stamina but also let you glide through long distances and jump off heights safely.

In addition to this, if you are holding a one-handed weapon/tool, you can also right click to do a dodge maneuver. You can take advantage of this to gain quick boosts of speed as you run across the realm.

Nightingale player about to glide off a cliff using an umbrella

Building a Base

Eventually, once you progress far enough through the tutorial, you will be able to set up your home realm (also known as a Respite Realm). This is when you can start planning your base location.

The best spot you can go for will be somewhere that has a lot of resources nearby, such as stone and wood. It can’t hurt to have hostile creatures spawning nearby as well, since you need their materials.

You could set up near a cliff or on top of it as well. This will give you a nice vantage point and a decent spot to start gliding with your umbrella.

Once you have your Respite Realm set up, you will also be able to get your first companion. Check out our guide on how to give helper tasks as well, since they will be a huge gamechanger for solo players.

You will also meet your very first Essence Trader. Make sure to buy all of the crafting bench recipes and set these up in your base as soon as possible to get a huge head start and skip future quest objectives.

Nightingale player standing inside their base with basic workbenches

And those are all of the beginner tips that will help you gain a massive advantage at the start of your Nightingale playthrough. Once you’ve settled in, check out our guide on how to build your first Realm Portal in Nightingale to start getting into the real gameplay loop!


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