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Predecessor is one of the newest addition to the MOBA genre and with it brings amazing graphics, their own set of interesting characters as well as their own style in the classic MOBA mechanics. The game has had a rough start with some mixed reviews from the players but for those who delve in deeper into the game can find a solid and fun MOBA to play, and you won’t have to worry about player numbers because of how big the genre is! In this article we’ll show you a tier list of the best heroes in Predecessor for those who are wondering what are the best picks there is.

Early Access Tier List For Predecessor

One should be reminded that this list is subjective, you might not agree with this list and that’s alright. This is for the Early Access version of the game and that means it can change. There’s a bunch of characters here and with time and patches as well as players learning and experimenting on the game the position of the character can easily change. Now let’s go into the list!

S – Tier

  • Grux – Probably the most overpowered character in the game right now with easy to master skills and it can really snowball into a killing machine at Jungle or Off-lane roles.
  • Crunch – Tanky and can bring eitehr AP or Physical damage, a great jungler and off-lane pick.
  • Rampage – Fast clear time, great at the Jungle role and is amazing at team fights. Can deal a lot of damage and take a lot as well.

A – Tier

  • Murdock, Sparrow, Drongo – There’s a reason why we placed this three in the same bullet. The community is divided on which one is better and there’s a dozen ways on how to rank them. They’re all amazing in Duo-lane and sometimes off-lane.
  • Gideon – Amazing ultimate, team fight presence and mobility.
  • Howitzer – Same as Gideon these two heroes are the best Mid Laners in the game.
  • Dekker – Amazing CC with stuns and a cage ability that a great Dekker player can make life hell for the enemy team.
  • Riktor – A really interesting character due to the fact that it can actually play in any position in the map. Primarily a support character with amazing presence on any lane it’s on.
  • Narbash – The best sustaining heals in the game making Narbash one of the best supports, specially in team fights.
  • Sevarog – Amazing in the off-lane role, building your strength and snowballing is the way to go.
  • Steel – Steel can be an amazing off-lane as well as a good jungle pick.

B – Tier

  • LT. Belica – A pretty solid character that is hampered with not that much mobility compared to other Mid-laners.
  • Khaimera – This hero has great self-sustain and great early game presence as well as a low skill ceiling but falls short in higher levels of play.
  • Kallari – Can be a very strong hero against players that don’t ward correctly.
  • The Fey – Great burst and CC but is hamstrung by the lack of mobility.

C – Tier

  • Feng Mao – A great jungler and off-lane on paper but compared to the rest of the heroes this one falls a bit short.

D – Tier

  • Muriel – Compared to the other supports in the game Muriel isn’t that great. It’s not bad by a long shot but if you’re looking for a support character it’s best to pick another hero.
  • Gadget – Has almost no presence in team fights and compared to the other mid-laners this character just feels bad.

Congratulations you now know some of the best characters in the game, now go out there and try out what you like! Many thanks to Krashy for showing everyone their tier list for Predecessor, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: Predecessor Early Access Tier List! – YouTube

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