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The MOBA scene has been a part of gaming culture for a while now, from the custom Warcraft map of DOTA to the now large gaming juggernaut of League of Legends that spawned their own animated movies. The MOBA scene is huge and even now there’s new games out there that are released in the genre. The newest one is Predecessor, a third-person MOBA with beautiful graphics and a handful of different heroes you can choose. In this guide we’ll show you how to play one of the support characters in the game, Muriel, for those who are looking to try out the support role.

Muriel Complete Guide | Support In Predecessor

Muriel is a support character, just by looking at her you can tell right away, that’s great character design. The game has a lot of different roles with different goals in a match, the support is usually paired with the carry in the duo lane but can deviate by going to other lanes. First off we need to know the abilities that Muriel can use in the game.


Source: SpookyFairy – YouTube

The first ability is the passive one which is Sentinel, which makes your basic attacks stronger, but if you’ve affected an ally with an ability they also get the on-hit damage bonus for the duration.

Skipping the basic attack because it’s pretty basic, you go to Alacrity, which is a shield to be used on ally heroes. It also buffs their attack speed and movement speed. You do this by dropping an orb on the ground, and you can even get it yourself if you need those bonuses.

Serenity is more of an offensive ability that shoots a bolt in a straight line dealing damage and slowing the enemy. It also debuffs them further it increased damage taken from all sources.

Consecrated Ground is both an offensive and defensive ability. It drops a bubble that gives shields to allies around the area and after 1 second the bubble explodes dealing damage to any enemy in the same area.

Muriel’s ultimate ability is the Reversal of Fortune where you can target any ally hero in the map and give them a shield, then you soar to their location and when you drop down any nearby enemies will take damage and gets knocked up.


Source: SpookyFairy – YouTube

For the item build you need to get items that focus on getting Mana to sustain your abilities, Ability Haste to make your cooldowns faster and Armor for more survivability because you can get a bit squishy the longer the match takes.

Congratulations you now know the basics of playing Muriel as support in Predecessor, now go out there and try the hero yourself! Many thanks to SpookyFairy for showing everyone how to do this, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: MURIEL Predecessor (GUIDE) – Duo Lane Range Support Gameplay & Build Tips – YouTube

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