Pro Difficulty Time to Shine Guide – Genshin Impact

Beat the Time to Shine in Pro difficulty!

The Time to Shine challenge is a challenge in Genshin Impact that uses a drum instrument. You need to hit the notes at the correct time to earn points. This guide will show you how to beat the Time to Shine in Pro difficulty in Genshin Impact. 

Pro Difficulty Time to Shine – Genshin Impact

To start the challenge, go to the Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival event. Select Arataki Itto as your character and you will see the rewards for each difficulty rank. Select the Pro difficulty and select Perform. 

Go to Amakane Island beside the Byakko Plains and talk to Genta. Tell him that you are ready and set the difficulty to Pro and begin. Try to aim for a lot of perfect notes to complete the challenge. You need to have 3695 points to complete and perfect the challenge. 

Once you achieve Dulcem, you can claim the Pro difficulty rewards on the event screen. You can go to the event tab and select Arataki Itto. You can claim all Normal to Pro rewards if you achieve Dulcem on the Pro difficulty. 

The reward for the Pro difficulty is 6 Mystic Enhancement Ores. 

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