Chivalry 2: Knight Guide

Don’t you just love charging into the enemy frontlines?

The Knight class is one of the most reliable classes when it comes to Chivalry 2. If you like tanking damage and heading into the frontlines, this class may be for you. This guide will show you how to play the Knight in Chivalry 2.

Knight Guide – Chivalry 2

There are three subclasses in the Knight class. The Officer class is one of the first classes you will encounter in the game. It uses a longsword, a sword, and a throwing knife. The skill for the Officer is the Trumpet, which increases the health regeneration of your allies after some time. 

The Guardian uses one-handed weapons and has a heavy shield. It has the Banner Skill, which allows you to plant a banner that heals nearby allies. Lastly, the Crusader uses weapons like the Messer, Axe, and throwing axes. 

His skill is the Oil Pot, which are pots you can throw at enemies and it will ignite the ground on fire. All classes have tackle skill, which knocks enemies to the ground. The Guardian is the most durable of the classes. 

The Crusader is more on the offensive side, and the officer is a good mixture of both. Use the Tackle to knock enemies on the ground and chain them with attack combos. 

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