Project Slayers: Best Boss Route for New Drops | Update 1.5

Get ready to grind!

The release of update 1.5 for Project Slayers has added much new content requiring players to beat the same bosses multiple times to get the new items. With this in mind, this guide will focus on an optimal route for Boss Farming to maximize your chances of getting good drops.

Best Boss Route for New Drops

This is the most efficient route or rotation for farming the new boss drops in the 1.5 update, make sure to follow them in order, to quickly get into the locations, use the local Horse Guys:

  1. Akaza – Akaza’s Cave
  2. Muichiro – Mist Trainer Location
  3. After defeating Muichiro, traverse the small wall using Double Jump just behind the spawn point. 
  4. Follow the path, and towards the left, you can take on Rengoku.
  5. Uzui – Sound Cave
  6. Douma – Devourer’s Jaw
  7. After defeating Douma, and you still have a bit more time, go to Wop City.
  8. Renpeke & Swamp Demon – Wop City, you can defeat them back and forth until you reach the 15-minute mark.
  9. After 15 minutes, repeat all the steps again until you have the desired drops.

Article continues with a detailed walkthrough below!

Detailed Walkthrough

The first step is to travel to Akaza’s Cave and set your spawn point there since the Akaza is right in front of the cave, and the local Horse Guy is just next to the spawn.

Set spawn

Once the spawn has been set, climb the wall before the spawn point until you reach the ledge. Head inside the cave to fight Akaza. Akaza has a 25% chance to give two daily spins, a 10% chance for Annihilation Type for Shockwave Users, and a 10% chance for rare ore. In addition to this, he is guaranteed to drop a Tier 5 Chest.

Akaza's Cave

After defeating Akaza, head over to the Horse Guy, which is next to the spawn point. He may be difficult to see. So, an easier method to spot him is to leave the cave and climb the small cliff next to the spawn point.

First horse

Interact with the horse and fast-travel to the Mist Trainer Location, where you can fight Muichiro and Rengoku.

Fast travelling to Mist Trainer location

In front of the spawn for Mist Trainer Location, you can fight Muichiro the Mist Hashira. Muichiro always drops a Tier 3 Chest and has a 10% chance of dipping Obscuring Clouds, the sixth Mist Breathing move.

Muichiro location

Once you finish Muichiro, climb the small cliff behind the spawn point using a double jump and follow the path. 

Heading to Rengoku

Just towards the left, you can find Rengoku

Rengoku location

After defeating Rengoku, follow the path and move straight ahead. Rengoku has similar to Akaza, with the only difference being that he drops Purgatory instead of Annihilation Type for Flame Breathers.

Next horse location

A giant cliff will be in front of you, so move around that, and you should spot the next Horse Guy.

Horse to get to Sound Cave

Interact with the horse and fast travel to the Sound Cave to fight Uzui the Sound Hashira.

Heading to Sound Cave

At the Sound Cave, head outside and move towards the right, following the cliff’s edge. When you reach the giant open area, you can fight Uzui. Uzui has a 37.5% chance of giving daily spins, 22.5% of dropping rare ore, and a 15% chance of dropping String Performance. Similar to Rengoku and Akaza, he drops a Tier 5 Chest.

Uzui's Location

Head back to the entrance of the Sound Cave after defeating Uzui, and you will spot the final horse in front of you.

Final horse

Interact with the horse and travel to the Devourer’s Jaw to fight Douma.

Fast travel to Devourer's Jaw

Just head behind the spawn point, and towards the left will be the cave entrance where you can fight Douma. Doma has a 25% chance of giving daily spins, 15% of dropping rare ore, and a 10% chance of dropping Boddhisatva. Similar to Rengoku, Akaza, and Uzui, he drops a Tier 5 Chest.

Douma's Cave

NOTE: If you have more time left within the 15-minute timer, you can go to Wop City and defeat Renpeke and Swamp Demon back and forth until you reach the time threshold.

Once done with this rotation, you can head to Akaza’s Cave again and start this cycle. It is important to note that each boss respawns after a 15-minute timer, so by the time you are done with a rotation, Akaza will be waiting for you back at the cave. This method is especially useful at weekends when items drop chances are boosted.

Using the rotation mentioned in this guide, you can maximize your chances of getting the rare drops. To sum it up, start with Akaza at Akaza’s Cave. Then move on to fight Muichiro and Regoku at Mist Trainer Location. Then fight Uzui at the Sound Cave and Douma at the Devourer’s Jaw.

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