Project Slayers: How to Get New Devourer Set | Update 1.5

Look at this cool new set!

Project Slayers Devourer Scythe Location

The big new 1.5 update for Project Slayers is finally out and with it comes a ton of content. From new Breathing styles to new item sets we’ve got a lot to look forward to. There are some cool and powerful new items that you can get with the new update and one of them is the Devourer Set.

In this guide we’ll show you how to get the different pieces of the Devourer Set in the game. So, let’s see what this cool new set looks like and where to get it!

How to Get New Devourer Set

There’s a whole new set in Project Slayers and that’s the Devourer’s Set. The set includes clothes and 3 cool weapons that you can try to get. This set has a lot of things you’ll have to grind and work for, so your work is cut out for you!

Here are the steps we’ll be taking to get the Devourer Set:

  1. Get The Devourer Bottoms and Top From Mugen Train.
  2. Get The Devourer Mask From Tier 5 bosses.
  3. Unlock Devourer’s Jaw Map.
  4. Go to The Blacksmith in Devourer’s Jaw.
  5. Craft the Devourer Katana, Scythe and War Fans.

Obtaining the Devourer Bottoms, Top and Mask

Project Slayers Devourer Bottom

We’ll look at the non-weapon parts of the set first. The Devourer Bottom and Top has a 0.5% chance to drop in Mugen Train. It can be a bit pricey and time consuming to do that but hey, the grind’s part of the game! The Devourer Mask on the other hand is an item drop from Tier 5 bosses.

Below are all the Tier 5 Bosses you can fight:

  • Rengoku – Mist Trainer Location
  • Akeza – Akeza Cave
  • Douma – Devourers Cave
  • Tengen – Sound Cave

Obtaining The Devourer Weapons

Project Slayers Unlock Devourers Jaw

To get the weapons from the set you’ll first need to unlock the new Devourer’s Jaw Map. Once you’ve done that, you’ll also need to travel there using the many Horse Guys in the different maps.

Project Slayers Devourers Jaw

Once you get there head to the South where you’ll find the Blacksmith that makes the Devourer Weapons. There’s a path that leads to him through the snow that leads to the cave where he’s in.

Project Slayers Devourer Weapons Locations

Around the blacksmith is where you can see the new Devourer weapons. They can be a bit pricey though, so you’ll need to farm up if you haven’t already!

Here are all the items you need for each new weapon:

  • Devourer Katana – 3 Random Katanas, 150,000 Wen, 10 ore.
  • Devourer Scythe – Skull Scythe, 150,000 Wen, 10 Ore.
  • Devourer Fans – War Fans, 150,000 Wen, 10 Ore.

If you’re wondering on which is better, the Devourer Fan or the Devourer Scythe then you should check our guide on it. We go more in-depth on the differences between the two weapons so go check that one out!

Project Slayers Devourer Katana Scythe War Fans

That’s how you get the Devourer Set in Project Slayers. As you can see there’s a lot of grinding that you’ll need to do to get them but they’re all worth it!

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