Project XL: Best Strength, Magic & Hybrid Builds

Get the best builds for the game!

Project XL Best Strength, Magic & Hybrid Builds Tier List

Learning the many mechanics, builds and classes in a game can be daunting especially if you’re a new player. The road to learning the game gets even longer if the game has been out for years now with many updates in between.

In Project XL, there are a lot of classes and items as well as gear like armor that can be combined to make different builds. Even though you can have a ton of different builds not all of them are equal. Some are just better than others and you should know what they are!

In this guide, we’ll show you the best Strength, Magic, and Hybrid builds for the game. Now, let’s see what the best of the best is!

Best Strength, Magic & Hybrid Builds

Following a build means choosing a race, class, and Sharingan specialty along with the right gear and items. The latter can be quite a challenge if you’re trying to get them, an easier way to obtain items is through trading! So here’s a guide on the new trading revamp in the game. Now let’s see what we’ll need to get!

Mythical Races

When going for a race try to get any of the Mythical races in the game. All of their bonuses can work great with any of the builds but you’ll have to be extremely lucky to get them.

Project XL Best Races

Here are all of the mythical races you can get in the game:

  • Majin
    • 2x Health
    • 92.25% Damage Boost
    • Speed Boost
    • Full Heal Skill
  • Jiren’s Race
    • 2x Health
    • 92.25% Damage Boost
    • Speed Boost
    • Damage Taken Reduction Skill
  • Hit Race
    • 2x Health
    • 2x Damage
    • 25% Less Damage Taken

Blaster And Infiltrator Class

These two classes are the best choices for any build. The Blaster has a flat increase to all damage including critical strikes. The Infiltrator on the other hand has a massive 30% increased Critical Strike Chance along with a 20% dodge chance.

Because of these bonuses, they’re the best in any of the builds below from Strength to Hybrid and Magic.

Itachi’s Mangekyou Sharingan v1

Aside from the class or gear that you’ll get for builds, you can also have a Sharingan Specialty. Itachi’s Sharingan V1 is by far the best one for all of the builds. Not only does it deal a lot of damage and burn the target but it stops healing as well while they burn. This is a must-have for any build.

Side Note: If you want to see what the best Sharingans are in the game check out our Best Mangekyo Sharingan Tier List to learn more!

Best Hybrid Build

For a great Hybrid build go for either of these classes along with Ichigo’s TYBW Armor with the Arcane enchantment. The armor itself already has a massive bonus to both Strength and Endurance but is a bit lacking in Magic. This is why you’ll want to have the Arcane enchantment with it.

Project XL Best Hybrid Accessories

Another great enchantment for Hybrid builds is the Mighty enchantment which boosts strength, magic, and endurance. If you’re going for this build have this enchantment on other pieces of gear like accessories.

Speaking of accessories the best ones for Hybrids are the following:

  • Wheel of Adaptation
    • +200 Endurance
    • +50 Magic
  • Kitsune Mask
    • +75 Magic
    • +75 Strength
  • Demon Eyepatch
    • +120 Endurance

Best Magic Build

If you’re going for a full magic build then the Captain’s Uniform is the best armor you can get. It gives a whopping +1650 to magic and with the Arcane enchantment that can be even bigger. Make sure you have the Arcane enchantment for all of your gear to maximize the Magic bonuses.

Project XL Best Magic Gear

Another way to make magic builds stronger is by having Hisashi Midoriya as your mentor. That’s because with him you’ll deal bonus damage to burning targets. Combine it with the Sharingan and you can deal a lot of damage!

For Accessories go for the following:

  • Hokage Cloak
    • +150 Magic
    • +50 Endurance

Best Strength Build

One of the best armors for a Strength build is the same for the Hybrid one which is Ichigo’s TYBW Armor. If you can’t get this armor, the next best thing is Dazai’s Outfit, which gives you a lot of Strength and Endurance bonuses.

Project XL Best Strength Gear

Ensure that all your armor gets the Steady enchantment to maximize the strength bonuses from your gear.

For Accessories go for the following:

  • Reaper Cloak
    • +200 Strength
    • +100 Endurance

Those are all the best builds for Strength, magic, and Hybrid in Project XL. Now go out there and try to build your character to any of these! Try using codes to get to these builds faster. Here’s a guide on all the working codes for the game!


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