Raft: Advanced Crop Plots & Planting Tips

Farming in the ocean isn’t much, but it’s honest work.

Raft Advanced Crop Plots & Planting Tips

Farming is one of the things that makes a civilization, when you’re done with hunting and gathering and just fully rely on crops, that’s when you know you’ve made it. It’s the same thing in Raft since you’re trying to rebuild civilization, one cruise ship-sized raft at a time. Here are some Advanced Crop Plots & Planting Tips.

Advanced Crop Plots & Planting Tips In Raft

Once you’ve progressed through the game enough, you’ll be able to create Advanced Crop Plots. These plots are well worth your resources, especially the small ones. In this guide, we’ll show you how good these plots really are along with some general planting tips.

Advanced Crop Plots

Small Advanced Crop Plots are much leaner and take less space than their basic counterparts. They also can hold 4 plants instead of the basic 3.

Whilst the wall-mounted versions have a higher number of plants held, the basic ones can be placed side by side within 2 walls whilst the advanced ones need a little bit more space than the basic ones.

Cost: 8 Planks, 2 Ropes, 3 Nails.

The Medium Advanced Crop Plots like the smaller ones, are much more space-efficient. The difference is that the basic medium plot can hold only 2 plants while the advanced medium ones can hold 4 plants!

Cost: 10 Planks, 4 Ropes, 3 Nails.

Following the same formula of smaller size, the Large Advanced Crop Plot takes up less space than the larger basic plots. The thing is, both can only hold one tree, so it’s up to you if it’s worth the saved space versus the resources spent.

Cost: 12 Planks, 4 Ropes, 12 Nails, 1 bolt.


Scarecrows scare the birds away, and the basic scarecrow can scare 3 birds before it’s destroyed. The much more expensive Advanced Scarecrow though, is worth the investment of resources, because it doesn’t break.

Cost: Trading Post Tier 3, can be bought for 8 Trash Cubes and 10 Trade Coins.


Automation is the key to efficiency and it’s the same with farming. Sprinklers automatically water your crops in an area. The area is in front of the sprinklers in a 3×3 area, which 9 Medium Advanced Crop Plots can perfectly fill. You can experiment with a combination of small and medium plots but remember that it can only water the 3×3 area on the front.

Cost: 12 Plastic, 2 Scrap, 2 Bolts, 1 Circuit Board. Can be researched in the Research Table.

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