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Raft: All Balboa Notes and Blueprints Locations

A guide on Balboa Notes and Blueprints in the game.

Raft: All Balboa Notes & Blueprints

Balboa Island is the 3rd story location in Raft, and you can find a lot of cool things here ranging from notes that explain what happened to the island and blueprints of things you can craft on our raft. However, it’s hard to find where everything is and you can surely miss a few things no matter how thorough you look. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all Balboa notes and blueprints, that way you won’t miss a single thing.

Where to Find All Balboa Notes and Blueprints – Raft 

Before you start, there’s a certain obstacle getting in your way. That obstacle takes the form of a giant Mama Bear. You have to defeat the bear in order to fully explore the island without having to deal with a bear chasing you down and ripping off your limbs.

First off, you will need to find Wild Berries. Five, to be exact. You can use them in order to distract the bear while you take it down. You can find Wild Berries in shrubs.

Once you have all of the Wild Berries needed, place them on the ground so you can lure in the bear. Now, you can either leave the bear alone or kill it to get an achievement. If you want to kill the bear, then use a bow and arrow. You’ll want to stay as far away as possible from the bear. Or else, you’ll get ripped to shreds.

One of the first blueprints you’ll find is the Machete. It is in a cave next to a box full of resources that will be very important. Pick up the blueprint and then the box, because you will need to craft the Machete in order to proceed through the island as you need to cut through the greens.

The next collectible is Henry’s Note, which you can find on Relay Station 6. You’ll have to go through quite a trek up the mountain to reach the station.

Near the sign that points to the station, there is a cave that’s covered by vines. Cut down the vines and you’ll find the note down on the ground.

The next note is on the way up the tower. Right as you climb up, you’ll see the second note on the floor.

Up the station is the next key item, which is Bruno’s Wrench. You’ll need this in order to collect the secret note. Inside the station, you can also find another survivor named Johnny, as well as a blueprint for the fuel tank on a desk.

The next blueprint is the Fuel Pipe, and you have to cross a bridge to get this because this blueprint is located on Station 4. Along the way, you’ll find a bridge that’s been pulled up. To get it down, you have to pick up some rocks that are on the ground and throw them at the control panel.

Head up the station and you should find the blueprint near the entrance to your left, hanging up on the wall.

Right next to the blueprint is another note that you can pick up as well.

Further inside the station is another note sitting on a chair.

Next to you should be a shelf with Bruno’s Hammer on it. You need this as well in order to get the secret note.

The next key item is Bruno’s Saw. You can find it in a locker while going to the Ranger’s Station. It’s hard to miss as the locker is next to a desk, just standing in the middle of the forest.

This note can be hard to find as the nearest landmark for it is a signpost with directions to different stations.

From the signpost, go up behind the signpost and you should find the note on the ground.

Up ahead from the previous note is another one on the ground.

From the previous note, go up until you find a campsite with the note sitting on a log.

You can find the next note in this creepy… baby… cage… thing. It’s inside it, so try not to get too creeped out.

The next note is found on the hanging… thing. Mannequin, I guess?

The next and final blueprint requires quite a trek. On your way up the mountain towards a cabin, which is your goal, you’ll find that there’s a sort of acid trap. It’s supposed to prevent people from getting in. You can use the crates to jump across and make it to the other side.

Head to the creepy cabin and inside you’ll find the blueprint for the Biofuel Refiner on a table next to a TV.

In the same cabin, there should be a board where you can hang Bruno’s tools. Hanging them up will cause the board to fall down, revealing the secret note.

Further inside should be a mattress on the floor with a note on top of it.

Exit the cabin and head up to the station. Once inside, you’ll find a note in the locker.

You can obtain the last note by turning on the switch that turns on the relay station. This gives you the coordinates to Caravan Town.

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