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What's the Best Food in Raft Chapter 3 Guides

In Raft, like in most survival games, you can cook your own food to ensure that you survive long enough to reach the end of the game without dying. While dying in a game can happen and no amount of food can save you from fall damage, other things like sharks can definitely hurt you and your health, so it’s best to have some food on you at all times? But what is the best food you can eat in the Raft? Here’s a guide on what they are.

Raft – What’s the Best Food?

There is a lot of food in the game you can get. In the picture above, you can see the food you can normally pick up or cook should you have the materials for it. You can also see there are bars in some of the food. That means you can eat more than one. An example is a watermelon. You can eat about a maximum of two times before it’s gone from your inventory.

With the basics of how food works down, we have to go on what it does for your character. You have two bars; Hunger and Thirst. Obviously, Hunger is for food and Thirst is for drinks. Each has over 100 points and each of the food and drinks in the game give different points.

Early in the game, you should try and get a mango and pineapple farm as early as you can. These two grants 10 Hunger and 20 Thirst, making them the best farmable food that you can get. While Fresh Water obviously gives more Thirst points (40, to be exact), mango and pineapples are great because they can help balance out your Hunger and Thirst.

Moving on to recipes you can cook with the Cooking Pot. First off is Mushroom Omelette, which requires one potato, two eggs, and one mushroom. The dish gives 35 food plus an additional 35, making it a total of 70 food points.

Vegetable Soup is relatively easy to make as it only needs four potatoes or beets to make. It gives 40 food and 35 bonus food for a total of 75 food points. 

Steak with Jam can be created with one potato or beet, one raw meat, and two red berries. It grants 40 food, 5 thirst, and 40 bonus food for a total of 80 food and 5 thirst.

Simple Fist Stew requires two potatoes or beets, and two herrings or pomfrets. It gives 40 food points and 45 bonus food points for a total of 85 food points.

Coconut Chicken requires two drumsticks, one coconut, and one mushroom. It gives 55 food and 55 bonus food for a whopping 110 food points, plus 10 thirst.

Sushi is a new recipe that can be created with two mackerel or tilapia, one silver algae, and one egg. It grants 50 food plus 65 food points for a total of 115 food points.

Next is Shark Dinner which requires you to wrestle two raw shark steaks, one silver algae, and one mushroom. It gives 45 food and 70 bonus food for a total of 115 points. However, this grants a buff that slows hunger decay.

Afterwards is BBQ. You need one raw meat, one mushroom, one drumstick, and one mackerel. It grants 65 food and 75 bonus food points for a total of 140 food points.

The next one is a little weird because it’s called Head Broth. It requires one potato or beet, two puffer heads, and one bucket of milk. This grants 20 food and 10 thirst, but it grants a bonus 100 food points, making it a total of 120 food points and 10 thirst.

With the number of recipes in the game, which is the best food item to get? It’s tough to answer as you have to take into account the progress of your game. Are you just starting? Or have you reached the endgame?

For early in-game, cooked mackerel or tilapia is best because of the abundance of those fishes available. You can’t cook any of the recipes when you start, so you have to eat with what you have.

However, if you have your Cooking Pot ready, then definitely the Head Broth. While BBQ grants 140 food points, the Head Broth wins because of how easy you can make it and because the bonus food points are much better than the regular food points.

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