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Road 96: The Night Skies Campground Keycode Location

Open every locked door on your way out!

A new indie game has just been released and it’s a trip you will never forget. Road 96 is a narrative adventure game developed by Digixart that will take you hitchhiking through the authoritarian country of Petria. As you encounter weird and interesting people along the way, you might also stumble into puzzles or keycards that can help you on your way to escape this dystopian country. But how and where to use them? Well, I’m glad you’ve asked cause here is a guide to help you with one of those said key codes!

The Night Skies Campground Keycode Location – Road 96

As you walk around the Night Skies Campground, you’ll see a little house with a lot of posters that has a number lock next to the door.

You can see exactly how the specified place looks like in this picture:

To find the code for the door you need to walk upstairs behind you, up to the guy with the sunglasses that is hostile. His name will be “Owner”.

On his little desk in front of him he’ll have a note with the code for the door.

To spare you the trouble of walking for about 30 seconds, the code is 4166. Go back to the door, punch in the code and the door will open.

Inside the place you’ll only find around 45$ that you can pick up from the drawer on the right. The one on the left is empty.

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