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Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island: A Helping Hand Walkthrough

Time to become the nicest samurai in all of history!

The new version of Ghost of Tsushima is out and it has brought a whole new island to the scene! With a lot of territory to explore, you might end up confused here and there for the various quests that don’t offer a lot of help with waypoints to guide the way. That’s why we will show you exactly how and where you need to go in order to do quests that are not so intuitive: like the “A Helping Hand” questline!

A Helping Hand Walkthrough – Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island

In this not so intuitive quest you have to find a peasant in 3 different locations and give him various resources.

In these places, you might not find him sometimes, so just come back later and he’ll have to be there at some point:

  • In the Woods

    The first place you can find him in is in the woods Southeast of Fort Sakai. You can see the exact location in the picture below.
    You’ll have to give him 3 pieces of wood here after a long conversation about what he needs.

  • In the Fields

    The next location is in the fields South of Fort Sakai. Again, you can see the exact location where you can find him.
    Here, you’ll have to give him 6 leather pieces.

  • On the Beach

    The last place you find him is next to Yahata Lighthouse, North of Fort Sakai.
    You’ll need to give him 10 sheets of metal.

To finish the quest, you need to go to his house that now, finally, appears on the map. It will be a white basket West of Fort Sakai.

Go there, talk to him and finish the quest for some experience and pleasure in life!

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