Project Slayers: How to Become DOUMA | Ice BDA, Location, Boss, Update 1.5

Turn people into demons, again!

Project Slayers How to Become DOUMA In Update 1.5

When you can’t be the best, imitate them! And if it keeps failing, keep on doing it until you get it right or fool a large enough crowd. After all, repetition legitimizes. That’s what my ancestors would say when they attempt to impersonate somebody, I barely knew them.

In Project Slayers, you can do the same thing too, and who else should you take after other than Doma himself? In this guide, you’ll put on his garments, his skills, his literal build overall. You might as well confess your love to Shinobu and have her step on your head as you read on.

How to Become DOUMA

You will need a few items if you truly want to be like Doma. These would include the Douma top and bottom along with the War Fans. Even if you don’t like the stats you can just wear something else and equip it normally under vanity. Now let’s get you suited up!

Aside from his wears, you will want to imitate his looks to fully sell the build. While customizing, choose number 67 for your primary under Hair. For the clothes and face, here’s what you can follow aside from the ones that you need to farm:

Project Slayers How To Become Douma Guide


  • Shoe – 8
  • Shirt – 24
  • Pants – 14


  • Eyes – 5
  • Nouse – 28
  • Mouth – 14

Naturally, the Zapiwara caves is where you should be heading towards to spin for your Blood Demon Art. It’s directly underneath Zapiwara Mountain Here you can talk to the Demon art Spin NPC. You’re going to want to keep on doing that until you get the Ice BDA since there’s also the chance of you not getting anything after a spin.

Project Slayers How To Become Douma Guide

To actually fight Doma and get a chance at getting his Final Move (the best move), you will need to go back to the Devourers Jaw via the Horse Guy.

Project Slayers How To Become Douma Guide

Project Slayers How To Become Douma NPC Location

Here are the movesets you can get from the Ice BDA as well:

  • Wintry Icicles
  • Cold White Princesses
  • Barren Hanging Garden
  • Freezing Clouds
  • Lotus Vines
  • Bodhisattva

And that is how you become your own Doma in Project Slayers! Now try the look for yourself and see if you can actually fool Shinobu into getting your head to roll!

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