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I didn’t sign up to be a baggage handler!

The quests in Gray Zone Warfare make you truly feel like a soldier. You’ll come across a variety of tasks given to you by NPCs, which includes survey missions and getting rid of enemies. In the Mithras map especially, you’ll find that the missions can get quite varied, with both action and fetch quests.

One such quest in the Mithras area is the Final Checkout mission. Quite a few players tend to have issues with this quest, especially in regards to locating the baggage. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how you can complete this quest. Let’s get into it!

Final Checkout Quest Guide

The Mithras map is full of a variety of different quests that you can do. You’ll likely see a lot of them in your mission log and will want to complete them as soon as possible. So, we recommend checking out our I Went, I Saw, I Conquered Quest guide to finish one of them!

With that said, here are the steps that you’ll need to follow to complete the Final Checkout Quest in Gray Zone Warfare:

  1. Head to the Pha Lang Airfield on the Mithras map
  2. Go to the large hangar of the Pha Lang Airfield
  3. Locate the purple suitcase in the baggage under the large roof
  4. Search the purple suitcase to complete the quest.

Final Checkout Quest Location

Starting off, you’ll need to actually go to the proper location for the Final Checkout Quest. You’ll need to head to the Pha Lang Airfield that can be found as a label on the Mithras map.

Pha Lang airfield on map in Gray Zone Warfare.

The Pha Lang Airfield consists of two hangars, with one being quite larger than the other. So, you need to head to the larger hangar for this quest.

The exact coordinates on the Gray Zone Warfare map that you need to head to are: (183, 158).

Pha Lang Hangars in Gray Zone Warfare.

Locate Purple Suitcase

Once you arrive at the correct hangar, you’ll need to be very careful. There are quite a few AI enemies that spawn here, so you’ll find yourself under a lot of fire. So, we recommend that you take them out to make the rest of the quest much easier for you.

If you do manage to get hurt quite a bit in Gray Zone Warfare, we have a Complete Human Health System guide for you!

Pha Lang dead enemies in Gray Zone Warfare.

When the enemies have been taken care of, look towards the side of the large hangar. You’ll notice that there is a large roof covering quite a big area. It’s shown below for your convenience.

Pha Lang Airfield large roof in Gray Zone Warfare.

Head to the area underneath this roof and you’ll see some baggage lying around. What you’re looking for is a specific purple suitcase. Below is the exact suitcase that you’ll need to head towards.

Pha Lang purple suitcase in Gray Zone Warfare.

Search the Purple Suitcase

Once you’ve found the purple suitcase, get close to it. You’ll see the option to Search the Baggage pop up. Select this option and you’ll have completed the objective for the Final Checkout Quest.

Now all you need to do is turn it in, and you’re done!

Searching the purple suitcase in Gray Zone Warfare.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Final Checkout Quest in Gray Zone Warfare. If you were disappointed that you didn’t have to deal with planes in the airfield, we have you sorted for that too. Check out our Last Flight quest guide that also happens to be in the Mithras area!

While you’re here, check out our guide on all of the tasks in Gray Zone Warfare, which is mainly made with Mithras players in mind, but still very helpful for any other faction!


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