Roblox BEAR*: On Badge Guide

Here is a quick guide on how you can get this badge!

BEAR* is a survival horror game on Roblox where a group of people must avoid the titular entity as they solve various puzzles in an effort to escape with their lives.

There are various rewards that you can get from doing certain activities and unlocking badges. Among these is the ON Badge, which is relatively simple to get.

On Badge Guide

In order to get this badge, you will first need to be in the Lab 56 map. Vote for it whenever you can, and maybe convince other players to do so as well.

BEAR* map voting zone

At the start of the match, immediately rush over to the Left Sector and enter the room labeled “ROOM – L1”.

BEAR* left sector doorway

Turn right and jump over the hole in the wall, then take a left and go right once more.

BEAR* directions through wall

Keep following the path to your right until you reach a room with the red and white cross sign with the number 56 on it.

In this room, you will find a cardboard box in the corner with a CD behind it. Take the disk.

BEAR* 56 symbol with cross

With the disk on hand, turn around and proceed to the path to your right. Eventually, you will stumble into RESEARCH ROOM – R. Go inside the room.

BEAR* research room R

Insert the CD into one of the computers in the corner of the room, and wait for it to turn on. After that, you should get a notification that you have been awarded the ON Badge.

The number that appears on the screen is actually the code of the Roblox experience entitled Free-Smiley-Faces, which you can play for a limited time to get some bonus rewards for BEAR*!

BEAR* code

And that is pretty much all you have to do in order to get it. Upon getting this badge, you can now try and unlock the other event badges in the tie-in game Free-Smiley-Faces!

And we turn out to have a guide for the badges you can get on the time-limited game, Free-Smiley-Faces, as well:


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