Roblox Bedwars: How To Complete Grim Reaper Contracts Easy

Your souls are mine!

Roblox Bedwars has recently released a new contract in the form of the Grim Reaper Contracts. These contracts are infamously difficult – and many community members are on the grind to get this skin. You basically need an ungodly number of kills, souls, wins and damage healed.

We understand how frustrating this grind can be for Roblox Bedwars players. So, in this guide, we’ll be showing you an easy way to complete the Grim Reaper Contracts. It will require a bit of setup but once you get it, you’ll be done in no time! Let’s get into it!

How To Complete Grim Reaper Contracts Easy

Completing the Grim Reaper Contracts in Roblox Bedwars gives you a really cool skin. However, the requirements for this skin are really hefty as you’ll need to tick off a lot of requirements.

Here is everything you need to do to complete the Grim Reaper Contracts in Roblox Bedwars:

  • Get 300 Souls
  • Get 1500 Kills
  • Win 150 Matches
  • Heal 750 Damage
Grim Reaper Contract in Roblox Bedwars.

As you can see, getting all of these requirements will force out a lot of grinding. However, we have come up with a way to fulfill this in an easier way.

We’ll be utilizing two methods. The first method will focus on getting the Souls, Kill and Heal Damage – but is not good for getting wins. 

After that, we’ll look at the other way which will allow you to round off the wins and complete the Grim Reaper Contract in Roblox Bedwars.

Strategy for Souls, Kills and Heal Damage Requirements

First up, we’ll be looking at a method that will enable you to complete three of the four requirements for the Grim Reaper Contracts. It is quite lengthy and will require a bit of skill and setup.

But it is incredibly rewarding as you should be able to fulfill these requirements in just a few matches of Roblox Bedwars.

Join a Squads Match

Starting off, you’ll want to select the right match in Roblox Bedwars. In the Classic Mode, you want to select Squads as this is where our strategy for the Grim Reaper Contracts will shine.

Squads match in Roblox Bedwars.

Get to the Diamond Era

Once you’re in the Squads mode, your goal will be to outplay everyone at first. That means getting early kills and not dying out immediately. You’ll also need to select a Weapon. In our case, we went for a Sword – but you can also go for Forge Mechanics.

We also have a Best Forge Weapon Guide if you need help with that!

This is a bit difficult and will require a bit of skill from your part. So make sure that you win your engagements and slowly progress through the match

As you go through the match, try to get your hands on as many emeralds and diamonds as you can. You’ll need them later for this strat.

You’ll be needing this first to unlock the Diamond Era at the Upgrade Shop in Roblox Bedwars. Of course, make sure that you also have Diamond Armor and Weapons by the time you get to this stage.

Diamond Era unlock in Roblox Bedwars.

Unlock Altar I and Magic I (Enchant Table)

Now that you have the Diamond Era unlocked in Roblox Bedwars, it’s time to unlock Altar I and Magic I, which is the Enchant Table. Try to get both of these unlocks at the same time.

You’ll need Diamonds to be able to fulfill both of these unlocks. So make sure that you have farmed enough Diamonds by going to Diamond Generators or killing enemies.

Altar and Enchant Table unlock in Roblox Bedwars.

Obtain Trinity’s Favor

You’ll need the Altar so that you can tick off the first part of the strategy. This is to get Trinity’s Favor as your blessing. You can get this for free and it is super useful.

Trinity’s Favor basically allows you to reflect a percentage of melee damage back at your enemies. This will push them away from you and enable you to heal your damage better.

Trinity's Favor in Roblox Bedwars.

Obtain Berserker 1 Enchant from Enchant Table

After you’re done with the Altar, it’s time to head to the Enchant Table that you constructed. Starting off, you’ll want to only get Berserker 1. You can do this by rolling your luck and trying to get it from the Basic Enchant option.

Purchasing the Basic option will take 4 Emeralds so make sure you have a decent amount of Emeralds to try your luck.

Enchant Table Basic in Roblox Bedwars.

The reason you need Berserker 1 is because the less health you have, the greater damage you’ll have. This will help increase your survivability.

However, with Berserker, you also heal when you have low health after attacks. This will help you get the Heal Damage requirement for the Grim Reaper Contract in Roblox Bedwars.

Ideally, you’ll want to get Berserker III, which we will be attempting to get later on. 

By the way, did you know that you can get 3 Enchants at the same time in Roblox Bedwars. Check out our How To Use 3 Enchants Kit – which will show you how to do it with any kit!

Berserker I in Roblox Bedwars.

Get to the Emeralds Era and Unlock Magic II (Enchant Table)

At this point, you should be extremely strong and kill enemies pretty easily in Roblox Bedwars. But still be careful, as you are not in the clear yet. You will still need to complete the late game stage of this strategy to get the easy kills.

First up, you’ll want to focus on getting to the Emeralds Era in Roblox Bedwars. So, make sure that you are continuously grinding for emeralds and diamonds. At the same time, keep getting in as many kills as you can.

Once you have the necessary items make sure that you unlock the Emeralds Era at the Upgrade Shop. At the same time, unlock the Magic II Enchant Table as quickly as possible.

Be sure to get the Emerald Sword too. You’re nearly about to start executing the strategy!

Enchant Table II unlock in Roblox Bedwars.

Obtain Berserker III Enchant from Enchant Table

Now that you have the Enchant Table maxed out, it’s time to try your luck again. Go to the Enchant Table and purchase the Advanced option for 2 Emeralds.

Enchant Table Advanced in Roblox Bedwars.

You’ll be rolling to get the Berserker III Enchant. As we discussed before, the Berserker III Enchant is a stronger version of Berserker I. It will help you out even more with the Heal Damage requirements for the Grim Reaper Contract.

Make sure that you have quite a few Emeralds so you can keep trying. It took us over 5 tries to finally get this Enchant in Roblox Bedwars! You can even consider killing the Titan as this can give you a lot of Emeralds.

Berserker III in Roblox Bedwars.

Execute the Strategy

Finally, you are now ready to get the easy kills and Souls that you need for the Grim Reaper Contracts. Before this point, you might have noticed that you’re already dominating players and even managing to spawn kill them.

However, now you’ll be able to completely bully them! Start spawn killing them and make sure that you stay there. Having Berserker III and Trinity’s Favor will allow you to survive for longer and keep killing them.

At the same time, you also want to start picking up any Souls that you can. Simply deal out damage with melee and that’s what you’ll be doing for the rest of the match. 

Soon enough, you’ll find that you’ve already gotten a huge chunk of kills – and likely almost all the Souls you need.

However, this strategy is not ideal for grinding out the wins. This is because it takes up a lot of time and you’ll be spending a lot of time for wins if you do it. So, for wins, we’ll be looking at another strategy.

Spawn killing enemies in Roblox Bedwars.

Strategy for Wins Requirement

Next, we’ll be looking at the wins requirement for the Grim Reaper Contracts. The easiest way to fulfill this is by playing Solos in Classic mode. 

Solos option in Roblox Bedwars.

1v1s are the fastest way you are going to get the wins. This is because the matches are quick whether you win or lose them. Again, this will require a lot of grinding on your part. But it is still much better now that you don’t have to worry about the other requirements.

You will need to be skillful here and have the right strategy in mind. Our PvP Complete Guide can help you out here if you seem to have issues here.

You could try and cheese this by getting your friend to queue in Solos at the same time as you. In this way, you guys could potentially farm wins for each other. But again, this will require luck and you are not guaranteed to queue with them.

Either way, you should be able to get the wins you need in no time. This will enable you to finally complete the Grim Reaper Contracts and get the skin in Roblox Bedwars!

Fighting 1v1 in Roblox Bedwars.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Grim Reaper Contracts in Roblox Bedwars easily. While it will still require a bunch of effort, this is currently the easiest possible strategies you can try.

Also, if you’re new to the game, you might be struggling to level up fast. After all, there are so many level milestones that give you a bunch of unique rewards. Check out our How To Get Player Level 50 Fast Guide for more info!


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