RoCast Online: Water Update Complete Guide + Codes

Water Nation finally getting the attention it deserves!

RoCast Online: Water Update Complete Guide + Codes

RoCast Online (formerly known as RoBending Online) just got its Water Update released. If you do not know about RoCast Online, it is an Avatar inspired game which lets you bend different elements and use them in fights with other players or NPCs. It is freely available on Roblox. This post will guide you on the latest Water Update and also give you the list of new Codes. Only thing you have to do is just keep on reading!

Complete Guide on the new Water Update (+ Codes)

This update added quite a bunch of new stuff for players of RoCast Online. As you may have guessed by the name of the update, it is based on the Water Nation. Let’s start off with the new island.

Water Kingdom

A Water Bender’s dreamland, water and ice wherever you see.

This is the new island that was added to the game, it is called the Water Kingdom. As you can see in the image above. It is entirely made of ice. However, there is a caveat. You need to be level 150+ to access the Water Kingdom. If your level is lower than that, then you will not be able to see this island.

So I suggest you focus on leveling up first if you are under leveled and once you reach level 150, this island should appear on your compass. There are a bunch of new quests that you can find in the Water Kingdom. The first quest starts at level 160. The quests will appear for you on your compass.


The New Shop of Water Kingdom.

The Water Kingdom also has a new shop you can access. It is marked on the image above, you should be able to see the shop icon once you are on the island. It is to the left of the main temple building.


World Raid location in Water Kingdom.

There is also a new Water Raid for you to take part in. It is located in the main temple building. You can see it in the image below, the entrance is marked. Gather your friends and participate in the raid for some cool rewards. Also, once you get inside, you will have to deal with a wooden door which will have HP. Destroying the two lamp posts in the entrance, as well as Fire Benders should be able to easily break it down.

Element Execution

One more cool feature is added to the game now and it is the Element Execution. As you can probably tell from its name, it is an execution move. Each Nation will have its unique animation (Fire Nation’s Element Execution is showcased below). To use this, first get your opponent’s HP down and then press U on your keyboard when you are close to them to execute this move.

Element Execution Showcase - RoCast Online: Water Update Complete Guide + Codes
That looks pretty dope!

Trading Server

A Trading Server is also added to the game now. To access it, click on the third icon located on the top left side of your screen and then click Trade Hub. It will take you to a completely empty world with other players who are there for trading.

Once there, click the green TRADE button located at the bottom left side of your screen. This will open up the Trade Menu, enter the Username of the player you want to trade with and then click SEND TRADE. The player you want to trade with must not be in another trade at that moment.

Trading World - RoCast Online: Water Update Complete Guide + Codes
Trading is now possible in RoCast Online.

Premium AFK Hub

There is also a premium AFK Hub available now. You must have Premium Membership in order to access this. If you do, then click on third icon on the top left side of your screen. It will show the following drop down menu, click on AFK Hub.

Premium AFK Hub - RoCast Online: Water Update Complete Guide + Codes
An AFK Hub for Premium Membership players.


New special Emotes have also been added. One of the best looking ones is the Hakari Emote which is shown below. However, it costs 400 Robux which is kind of expensive for just an Emote. It is totally up to you if you think it is worth that amount.

Hakari Emote - RoCast Online: Water Update Complete Guide + Codes
Looks cool but I wish it was a bit cheaper.

Other Additions

Here are some of the other additions we got to see in this update:

New Level Cap

The Level Cap has been increased to Level 205. The previous Level Cap was level 150. So this is quite a decent number of new levels for players to grind for until the next Level Cap update.

New Weapons

Two new weapons were added:

  • Bat (you can buy it from the shop in Water Kingdom).
  • Boomerang (drop reward).

New Codes

We also got to see new Codes which give some free rewards. If you are new to the game and do not know how to redeem codes then press M on your keyboard to bring up the menu. Afterwards click on the Gear icon and you will see the Codes text box at the bottom. You just type in the code and then press Enter on your keyboard to activate it.

Redeem Codes here!


  • IceSpins – Entering this code will give you 15 Spins.
  • Icespins2 – Entering this code will give you 5 Spins.
  • IceSlot – Entering this code will give you a free Character Slot.

And this is it for this Water Update guide. I hope you found it informative. I still believe Fire Bending looks pretty sick in this game. If you are interested in becoming the most powerful Fire Bender in the game, then do give this short guide a read: Best Fire Nation Build Guide for RoCast Online.


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