RoCast Online: Water Raid Guide

It’s a bit chilly in this raid!

RoCast Online Water Raid Guide

Raids and dungeons in MMOs can be a fun way to play with friends and do the challenging parts of a game. Not only that but they often give you some great rewards once you finish them and we all love loot! That’s why when a new one is added you should know what the mechanics are.

In RoCast Online, there’s the new Water Raid added into the game where you’ll be fighting a bunch of water benders. There are some challenging parts to this raid so you should know what to expect. In this guide, we’ll show you the mechanics of the new Water Raid so that you know what to expect when doing it. We’ll go through the different areas, mobs, and bosses you’ll be fighting.

Water Raid Guide

The new Water Raid added in the new Water Update of RoCast Online is one of the more challenging parts of the game. It’s located in the Water Kingdom. There are a lot of powerful enemies that you’ll fight as well as some hazards you need to avoid. Let’s check out what the mechanics of this raid is!

SIDE NOTE: Make sure you have the best gear for this raid. Check out our guide on the best armor for every element for more details!

Starting Areas

At the start of the raid, the players will be in a room with a massive door in front of them. To start going through the raid, you’ll have to destroy the two lamp posts as shown below. This will open the gate to a long hallway.

RoCast Online Lamp Posts Destroy

The long hallway will have a bunch of water benders lined up to block your path. AOE moves and Bloodbending can be great in this area. If you can’t take them all out at once, make sure to focus on one at a time to reduce their numbers.

RoCast Online Water Raid Hallway

At the very end of the hallway, you’ll see a dead end. To continue, you’ll need to destroy the 4 lamp posts there again as shown below.

RoCast Online Destroy 4 Lamp Posts

After destroying the lamp posts, the area will open up to another hallway. This time the group of enemy water benders will be close to each other. Take care to not get ganked by the AI and use crowd-control moves if possible.

RoCast Online Water Raid Second Hallway

Ice Hazard Area

Once you defeat all of the enemies, a path will open up to the next area. This one is going the be one of the tougher parts of the raid since there are a lot of Water Benders around the area.

The enemies here will be shooting water projectiles at you while ice is falling from the ceiling. You’ll know ice will drop down on an area if you see a red circle, so avoid them or you’ll get damaged.

RoCast Online Hazards

It’ll be difficult fighting all of them at once while dodging the hazards, so focus on one at a time to beat them. Once you’ve defeated all of the enemies in the area, the next part of the raid will open up.

Ice Slide

If you liked the hazards of the falling ice in the area before, then you’ll love this next part. There are no enemies in the next area but there are a lot of hazards in a downward slide. Go down the path while avoiding the ice hazards!

RoCast Online Hazard Slide

Once you’re at the very end of the path, destroy the Lamp Posts like before and then attack the door to get to the next area.

RoCast Online Attack Door

Boss Room

Once you’ve broken through the door, you’ll another group of enemies. They can be easily dealt with using attacks that can knock them back or by using blood-bending.

RoCast Online Before Water Raid Boss

Once you’ve defeated both of them, the area to the boss room will open. There, you’ll fight the final enemy of the raid which is the Raid boss. The boss has a lot of AOE attacks as well as high damage ones, so make sure that you’re ready before you fight him.

RoCast Online Water Raid Boss

That’s how the Water Raid works in RoCast Online. Now, go out there and try to do the raid with your friends! Want to get a Fire Blimp in the game? Check out our guide on the Fire Blimp location for more information!


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