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The best defense is prevention: take their weapons away!

Letting your enemies keep dangerous weapons isn’t a good idea, which is the whole point of the EOD quest for the Mithras faction in Gray Zone Warfare.

Banshee tells you that enemies still have detonators they can use to set up some powerful explosives. Ignoring it could be dangerous, of course, so it’s your job to confiscate the detonators before it’s too late!

In this short guide, we’ll tell you how to safely get the detonators and complete the EOD quest.

EOD | Mithras Faction Quest Guide

Map | Gray Zone Warfare: EOD Quest Guide | Mithras

For the Mithras’ EOD quest, you need to retrieve some detonators found near the Sawmill area. More specifically, check the Offices building in the southeastern corner of the area.

Its coordinates are Y: 143, X: 139.

Speaking of the Sawmill, it’s a good idea to complete the “I Went, I Saw, I Conquered” quest first. It tasks you with surveying the area before heading in.

Offices building

Anyway, the Offices are a tiny rectangular building with various mopeds parked in the front and a white rusted pick-up truck in the back.

Before you head to the office building itself, though, you’ll have to deal with the hostiles in the vicinity. Take them out however you see fit, but be careful as they can be quite a threat!

Sawmill Office Key

When you’ve dealt with the hostiles, loot them and look for the Sawmill Office Key. It might appear as “SM Ofc” when checking their inventory, so keep that in mind.

Enter the building and then turn around to find a small locked office. It’ll be to your left if you enter from the front and to your right if you enter from the back.

The office with the case

Either way, it’s hard to miss since the building is really small anyway.

Use your Sawmill Office Key to open the door and head into the office, then check the desk to your right. You should see a large Detonator Case on the desk. That’s your objective, so pick it up!

Detonator Case

Now all you need to do is to bring back the Detonator Case to Banshee at the base to finish the quest. You’ll receive the following rewards for your troubles:

  • TC-2002 Helmet x2
  • 1000 Experience
  • 150 Reputation with Banshee

With that, the EOD quest is completed. That’s another job well done, soldier! We have an awesome complete guide for All Mithras Tasks & Locations in Gray Zone Warfare, make sure to check it out!


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