RoCasting Online: How To Learn The New Scrolls

Time to learn some new moves!

RoCasting Online - How To Learn The New Scrolls

If you ever wanted to play a good Avatar inspired game, then Roblox got your back with RoCast Online (it is also referred to as RoCasting Online). And more importantly, you can play it for free. In the game, you can use various moves each specialized for one of the four nations. To use a move, you must get its Scroll first. This guide will tell you about the new Scrolls and how you can get them. Keep reading to learn more.

How To Learn The New Scrolls

First you need to go to the Water Kingdom. If you are not aware, you need to be level 150+ in order to even access the Water Kingdom. Once you reach the Water Kingdom, you want to head to the area shown in the image below.

SIDE NOTE: We have a detailed guide which covers the Water Kingdom update in RoCast. Make sure to check it out as well!

It is located near the main temple building of the Water Kingdom. If you have trouble locating the area mentioned below, follow your compass. The quest is named Scarlet (also marked below).

Quest location - RoCasting Online - How To Learn The New Scrolls
Follow the compass at the top of your screen if you get lost.

Scarlet Quest

You will be able to see an NPC called Scarlet standing near a house. Approach her and talk to her. After a couple of dialogues, she will give you the quest. After completing this quest, also complete the quests that she gives afterwards, and you will be able to get the new Scrolls.

3 New Scrolls were added to the game:

  • Wave Surfing
  • Fire Surfing
  • Earth Gloves
The NPC called Scarlet who will give you quests for the new Scrolls.

Tip: I suggest you reach level 180 before you try getting those new Scrolls as the last quests will require you to be at that level.

This competes this short guide on the new Scrolls of RoCast Online. I hope you found it helpful! As you know, the latest Water Update added a new world raid and it is kind of tough. If you need help with it, then check this guide for tips: Water Raid Guide For RoCast Online.


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