V Rising: Base Building Tips

Dracula would be proud.

With the addition of additional castle floors for your base in the Gloomrot update of V Rising, players might be looking for some tips when starting to build their bases. This guide focuses on all the necessary defenses, production line rooms, and storage facilities that you should have inside your base.

Base Building Tips

If you are looking forward to the most perfect base possible in V Rising, make sure to check these tips. I separated them into categories: Location, Production Line and Storage:


For the location, the most important thing to consider is the availability of resources since the location where your base dictates the material that you will find near it. For instance, if your base is in the Farbane Woods, you are likely to find only Copper and Stone nodes nearby. While this may be good initially, these resources have little to no use towards lategame and endgame. For a good starter base check out this guide.

Your base should be located in such an area that allows for easy access to materials that are required regardless of your level. This means that your base should be somewhat central with respect to the map making the ideal location in Dunley Farmlands. We recommend that you build it somewhere in the North West since this allows for easy access to both Silverlight Hills and Gloomrot.

Best Base location



The first important defense that your base should have is an airlock. This is a fancy way of saying that there should be small spaces enclosed between two gates that are advantageous for PVP fights.


The way an airlock works is simple. If an enemy by any chance breaches the defenses by dashing, the other door can be closed, which will result in you facing the enemy head-on in a one-versus-one match.

Banshee Rooms

The next defense that can make or break your base is rooms filled with Banshees. These can be summoned using their recipe, a reward obtained by beating Foulrot, the Soultaker in the Cursed Forest.

Banshee Room

The advantage of using Banshees is that the range in which they remain aggressive is quite large, meaning they can push enemies back. Additionally, their fear and area-based attacks deal high damage and help to split the enemy teams. A bonus is that enemy golems cannot take on Banshees since they cannot outrun them.


Another helpful strategy that you can pair with the Banshee Rooms is using a honeycomb structure. This will essentially confuse the enemies by making them run into dead ends and giving the defending teams more time to prepare additional defenses.


This can be paired with Banshee Rooms by making it so that the attacking teams have no choice but to move further into the base by going through the Banshee Room.


The entire point of building a base is to include Chokepoints that make it easier to defend against attacking teams. In this instance, we will use the example of a Chokepoint right after the first Banshee Room. Players have to pile up through a narrow staircase before they can reach the second floor, and this acts as a perfect Chokepoint.

Stair Chokepoint

 The reason why this strategy is so effective is that not only are Stairs indestructible structures but the windows can be used to attack players while they are hammering away at the door for extra damage.

Servant Room

The last defense that your base must have is a Servant Room. The four units you want in this Servant Room include Lightweavers, Clerics, Paladins, and Tractor Beamers. All the servants in this room must be of high blood quality to deal more damage and last longer

Servant Room

Lightweavers dash around dealing massive damage, while Clerics seek out players and other servants and heal them in their attacks while dealing damage to enemies. Paladins of high blood quality deal more damage due to greater expertise, and Tractor Beamers help in crowd control by bringing players who might rush ahead back into the Servant Room.

Production Line


Teleporters are a new addition to the V Rising from the Gloomrot update. The reason why Teleporters are so important to use in bases is because they help to increase efficiency. It is important to note that these Teleporters are deactivated during PVP, so they can be considered important from a PVE and efficiency point of view.


Alchemy Room

Having an Alchemy Room in an accessible location is important in your base to have quick access to healing and buff potions. In addition to that, having multiple large cabinets with Herbs is important since you want quick access to the raw ingredients for potions.

Alchemy Room

Lastly, having storage dedicated in the room for potions only is important as well since you want to use any potions that you have already brewed quickly.

Vermin Nest

Having Vermin Nests in your base is also important since these allow for not only farming but also spawning enemies to slow down attackers. The Vermin Nests can be unlocked once the Fortify Quest is completed.

Vermin Nest

For PVP situations spawning Mutant Rats is recommended since they serve as great distractions for slowing down players. For PVE situations spawning Spiderlings is recommended since these also drop Silkworms on death which is an important ingredient in gear repair.


Prisons are important for blood farming, especially with the addition of the new Blood Merlots. The first important thing to do is to ensure that the bonus for the matching floor is active, meaning that all the cells are on a prison floor. This helps to reduce the amount of misery and health damage that the prisoners take.

Prison Room

It is important to keep the misery low and the health high to avoid losing your high-quality blood prisoners. Having multiple copies of prisoners is also effective in case accidents happen, such as a prisoner mutating. This also helps to spread the misery and health of prisoners when tapping for blood. A complete guide to Blood Farming can be found here.

Spell Jewel Section

A room dedicated to the newly added Spell Jewels is important since they don’t fit in the storage section. For aesthetic purposes, it is recommended to color code the jewel cabinets easily recognize which class of jewels the cabinet has. A complete guide to Jewels can be found here.

Jewel Room

Use Yellow for Storm, Blue for Frost, Teal for Illusion, Green for Unholy, Purple for Chaos, and Red for Blood Magic. A central area in the room is also important since this allows for storing gem dust and gems. The central area changes the combat dynamic allowing you to loop around during a fight to heal or buy time.

Central Area


A Garden is another important addition to your base since it helps to save time by just farming plants and herbs inside your base. 


Important plants and herbs to farm in this garden include Briars to refill Banshee tombs, Sacred Grapes for Blood Merlots, Ghost Shrooms for Ghost Yarn, Blood Rose for Health Potions, Hell’s Clarion for Attack Power Potions and Mist Flowers for Spell Potions.


Arguably the entire purpose of having a base is to not only store resources but also to protect them. For storage, we recommend having a long hallway with a centralized lookup system to get whatever resource you want with ease.

Storage Hallway

For maximum space utilization, divide the space into compartments, each holding three large cabinets. Furthermore, all of these compartments are protected with doors in case someone does break into the hallway.


Lastly, for efficiency, it is important to group all raw materials for a certain purpose in one compartment. For example, all materials related to the fabric would be held in one compartment, with the three cabinets holding cloth, leather, and reagents.

Grouping items

Building a base requires a lot of work and smart decisions to ensure you have the fastest access to all the map areas. With this guide, you should be able to create a solid base that should protect your precious loot from scavengers. If you have any suggestions or comments, let us know.

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