Rusty’s Retirement: Best Way to Maximize Earnings | Optimal Layout

How do you progress as fast as possible early on?

Despite being a cozy idle game, some people who play Rusty’s Retirement might want to take things more seriously and maximize their farm’s efficiency. In this guide, we will be showing you one recommendation from the game’s community that might help you progress quickly early on.

Best Way to Maximize Earnings | Optimal Layout

Basically, the main idea of this build is said to be all about fast tracking your progress in the early stages so that you can upgrade your farm as fast as possible.

To do this, you will have to place a certain number of bots and crop patches in a certain manner to maximize efficiency. A suggested setup is something that has the following stuff close together:

  • Exactly 20 Crop Patches
  • 1 to 2 Water bots
  • 1 Harvester bot
  • 1 Biofuel Converter
  • 1 Biofuel bot
  • 1 Water Well
  • 1 Storage Unit

With all of these tightly packed together in a chunk, you can potentially generate biofuel nonstop with the right type of crops. A bit more experimenting is needed to figure out the absolute best, though, especially since crops grow at varying rates.

Rusty's Retirement player with a more optimal setup for biofuel

Less Efficient Alternative – The “Chill” Method

Of course, if you are more “chill” with your approach, as you probably should be with this type of game, then you can opt out of such a layout. Instead, you can try the suggestion below.

If you are going down the less powergame-y route, just ensure that you have maybe 1 Water bot for every 4×4 Crop Patches. In addition to that, 1 Harvester bot for every two sets of 4×4 Crop Patches can work.

To accompany a setup like that, you can get by with a single Biofuel Converter and Biofuel bot, as well as one Storage Unit. It will probably look something like the example in the image below:

Rusty's Retirement player with a less optimal but still effective setup

And that is pretty much everything you need to know to get started with this cozy little idle game that just came out. While you’re here, check out our guide on how to find the NPC easter egg in Rusty’s Retirement, which is just a relatively harmless and fun little secret you can uncover.


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