Rusty’s Retirement: How To Remove Rock

It’s just a rock.

Rusty’s Retirement introduces a less engrossing experience as this farming simulator game can sit at the bottom of your screen while you engage in other activities. Your crops will grow just as well when it’s in the background, just don’t forget to check in once in a while. Are you wondering about a rock that’s spawned out of nowhere? Let’s see if you can remove it. 

How To Remove Rock

If you aren’t familiar, here we’re referring to the rock that spawned near Rusty’s house. It is to the right of the water well.

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the rock. The rock will remain a permanent resident of Rusty’s farm. You’ll have to get used to its presence and think of it as a decoration piece!

Everything in Rusty’s “chunk” is part of his house.

You can always try to decorate your farm to flush out the scenery of the rock or to compensate for the invasiveness of it. At the end of the day, it’s just something you have to live with when we’re playing Rusty’s Retirement!

Gameplay of Rusty's Retirement (Removing rocks)

But don’t worry, the fun parts of the game make it all worth it. Hope that answered your question. While you’re here, consider checking out this guide on How To Make Ale in Manor Lords!


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