Rusty’s Retirement: How To Get NPC Easter Egg Guide

Make sure to read the warning before doing this!

Rusty's Retirement: How To Get NPC Easter Egg Guide

You might regret it, but this NPC Easter Egg in Rusty’s Retirement can be pretty destructive. Literally. It’s still, regardless, a very funny one and we’ll show you how to spawn the NPC in and explain the entire steps. Oh, and if you ever regret it, don’t worry. We also know how to reverse the Easter Egg. Let’s go!

How To Get NPC Easter Egg Guide

There’s an Easter Egg in the game, featuring an NPC that you can summon if you know the right code to input. It’s going to take a while to reach this point as you’ll have to grind for the money. But you can alternatively use mods to make things easier.

To do this, you have to clear the bottom left corner of the map. It costs 42,000 to clear this one. Previous area costs 30k, 18k, and 6k.

Once you clean it up, you’ll discover what looks like an old computer. Spam click that computer until you get a coordinate: 59°35’59″N 24°30’36.6″E.

Old computer in Rusty's Retirement.

If you put this on Google Map, you’ll end up in Estonia where the developer Mister Morris Games comes from! But don’t worry, he’s not doxxing himself. You’ll end up at Patarei 10a.

Rusty's Retirement Easter Egg coordinate.

So now you have the code: patarei10a. This will reveal the Easter Egg NPC!

The Easter Egg NPC doesn’t do anything but eat your crops, however. Every time you start the game, the NPC will eat one crop that’s about to be harvested. But he can be deleted.

To remove the Easter Egg NPC:

  1. Close the game.
  2. Head into “C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\MisterMorrisGames\Rusty’s Retirement\“. (Make sure to show hidden folder if you can’t find it)
  3. Find your save file and use a text editor like the Notepad to open it.
  4. Seath for “missingNo” using the Ctrl + F function.
  5. Change the value from “found!” to empty. So make sure it looks like below.
	"missingNo" : {
		"__type" : "string",
		"value" : ""

And with that you should no longer have to deal with the NPC anymore! And that’s how you can find the NPC Easter Egg in Rusty’s Retirement.

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