Saitama Battlegrounds: How To Do The Kyoto Combo Guide

Crush them all!

If you want to be strong in Saitama Battlegrounds, you need to learn how to perform powerful combos. And when we think of a powerful combo, Kyoto Combo is one of the first ones that comes to mind! Learning this one may be tricky at first. However, once you get used to it, you are going to be crushing your enemies to the ground in no time. So, let’s get started with our how to do the Kyoto Combo guide to help you become an intimidating battler in Saitama Battlegrounds.

How To Do The Kyoto Combo Guide

Kyoto Combo is a great choice for quickly beating your opponents and making your way up to the Leaderboard. It is not a very hard combo in theory. It only requires you to make three moves in total, but it might feel difficult as you try to perform it. But the key to success is that you only need to be as quick as possible for the combo to work. Enabling auto mode might help you perform it easier.

  • Activate Flowing Water: M1
  • Side Dash: A + Q 
  • Lethal Whirlwind: M2

As you can see, the keyset for this combo is pretty easy to memorize. Just try to hit the side dash quickly after the Flowing Water move ends. And try to not miss the opponent in front of you.

How to Do Kyoto Combo Saitama Battlegrounds

Now that you learned how to do Kyoto Combo, you can start beating your opponents one by one and become the best battler in the game. However, before entering a server, try to practice as much as possible. You may easily set up a private server by going to the Saitama Battlegrounds page for yourself to test the combo on a dummy. This combo might look easy but it is going to require you to press the keys as fast as possible. So, try to get acquainted with it as much as you can.

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