Diablo Immortal: Monk Guide | Build & Leveling Guide

How to Master the Monk Class!

Monk is the class in Diablo Immortal that is unique and has its own style very different than every other class. It is a hybrid melee class that also handles well in mid-range situations too. It is a very good support when played in multiplayer and sits in a fairly high tier rank. Let’s see how to make the most out of it.

Monk Guide | Build & Leveling Guide – Diablo Immortal

You will rely on your hard and very fast attacks while fighting NPCs. Casting all the skills while simultaneously dodging big bosses hits is your jam. The Monk is a very fun class to play because of the various and quick moves you can do all over the map. One moment you’ll be in front of the boss, and the next second you will be behind him. That should be your fighting style.

The best skills for the Monk:

  • Level 8
    • Fists of Thunder
    • Flying Kick
    • Cyclone Strike
    • Wave Strike
    • Seven-Sided Strike
  • Level 15
    • Fists of Thunder
    • Mystic Strike(just change this one)
    • Cyclone Strike
    • Wave Strike
    • Seven-Sided Strike
  • Level 24
    • Fists of Thunder
    • Mystic Strike
    • Cyclone Strike
    • Exploding Palm
    • Seven-Sided Strike

This should be your final skill build and this is the combo that you should be using while in battle:

When we talk about the attributes, it is very important that you know that every attribute is differently calculated for every class. For example, the Barbarian build will always be different than the Monks in terms of attribute numbers. The main attributes that you want for the monk are:

  • Strength – this is the main
  • Fortitude

You can do this by equipping gear that gives these attributes the most. Always be sure to upgrade your equipment. You can do so by going to the Blacksmith.

The best Gems that are needed to give an extra edge for the Monk are:

  • Tourmaline – this gives Damage
  • Sapphire – this gives Armor Penetration
  • Topaz – this gives All Resistance

When using Legendary Gems, make sure to use on the best gear that you have because they are very rare and hard to get. The best ones for Monks are:

  • Everlasting Torment
  • Berserker’s Eye
  • Fervant Fang

Leveling up with the Monk is fairly simple. It is a class that handles dungeons very well even while solo. For quick leveling up you can simply do Bounties or simply finish Rifts and go over them again and again. Go for the blue-marked enemies inside the Rifts.

You will want to spend your Paragon Points in the Vanquisher category. Here spend your first 5 points on the Damage node. Then spend 6 points on the Zeal node and then keep going according to your Monk playstyle.

I hope this helped you out a bit. Good luck!

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