Honkai Star Rail: Boulder Town Super League Day 4 Event Guide

Gepard’s time to shine.

Honkai Star Rail Boulder Town Super Leage Day 4.
Honkai Star Rail Boulder Town Super Leage Day 4.

We’re on the fourth day of Honkai: Star Rail’s Boulder Town Super League event. By now, most of you are probably already familiar with how it goes. And there’s nothing more frustrating to be stuck at cumulative 9 rounds.

If you haven’t figured out how to take part, check out this guide for Boulder Town Super League’s Day 1. There are also explanations on the requirements necessary to enter the event and why you’re probably not seeing it.

Boulder Town Super League Day 4 Event

As usual, the requirement to be able to do Day 4 event is to finish the previous class’ challenge. The Welterweight class will open and you can talk to Dr. Dig to sign up for the next matches. There are four rounds as usual and you need to finish them under 30 rounds for 100 Stellar Jades. Or you can challenge for under 8 rounds for the extra 20,000 Credits reward.

Honkai Star Rail: Boulder Town Super League Day 4

Honkai Star Rail: Boulder Town Super League Day 4

The draws don’t matter because your opponents are pre-determined. And today’s challenge will be quite the fight in the sense that there isn’t any damage buff until the final stage. Today’s condition is Overbreathing which stacks everytime you receive shield, casts a skill and Ultimate.

The trial character, Gepard, is a great character to increase your stack consistently. But alternatively, Preservation MC can do that as well. His talent allows him to give allies shield everytime he moves. He may actually be the better character for the job because of this versatility. Since Gepard is only able to cast shield with his ultimate and it takes time to charge.

Honkai Star Rail: Boulder Town Super League Day 4

At the final stage, you want to be able to get 6 Overbreathing stacks within the first round. I’ve tried various combos, but due to resources I couldn’t try all other compositions that may be able to do the job. I ran Preservation MC for that quick shield stack, and then Welt and Jing Yuan as my main AoE DPS with Dan Heng for single-target DPS and to break shield.

The first two rounds are easy, but you might want to try to keep the cumulative rounds at 3.

Honkai Star Rail: Boulder Town Super League Day 4

For the third round, you need to calculate your energy and ulti spam carefully so you can effectively launch as many of them as possible. Dan Heng’s skills and ultimate are pretty much enough to break her shield.

But for the fourth round, you want to quickly get to 6 stacks. Don’t be afraid to attack the witch immediately and it’s especially good if she retaliates because that means more energy. What might work well is changing Welt for Hook, who can break shield a lot faster. But I found Preservation MC works pretty well already combined with Dan Heng.

And we hope your fourth day is another success as well. Good luck!

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