Sakura Stand: All Bosses & Enemies Guide – Locations

Find out where to find all of the hostiles in the game!

Aside from other players, there are a bunch of bosses and lesser enemies to fight in Sakura Stand. Beating them is important if you want to keep on progressing the game and getting in-game items. In this guide, we’ll be covering every single one of them as well as where you can find the bosses or how to summon them!

All Bosses & Enemies Guide – Locations

First of all, since they are the most basic enemies in the game, let’s talk about the Thugs and Bandits. These guys drop basic loot, and they can be found all around the map.

Specifically, Thugs spawn in groups and spawn within the main city area. Bandits, on the other hand, can show up outside the city areas. Both enemies use Standless.

Jotaro Kujo

This version of Jotaro Kujo is based on the 3rd part of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. As such, he uses the Star Platinum stand, but with zero-cooldown Combo and Auto Block.

He can be found in the Car Park, which is just beside the Café south of the Battle Field in the middle of the city.

This boss respawns every 1 and half hours and has a chance to drop Jotaro’s Hat as well as three Exotic loot boxes.

Jotaro also has a chance of dropping special boxes that contain cyberware. Read our guide on how to get Sandevistan to learn more about what these are for.

Sakura Stand Jotaro standing in car park

Chariot Requiem

Every one hour, Chariot Requiem spawns somewhere on the map and will start roaming around very slowly.

It has various passives that will deal damage to nearby players or force them into quick time events. Each time it takes damage, there is a small chance of it dropping an arrow that will hurt anyone who tries to pick it up.

It drops 3% Worthiness to every player who participated. In addition to that, those doing Turtle Polnareff’s quest will get the Requiem Arrow.

Sakura Stand chariot requiem spotted walking around map


Dio, user of the stand known as The World, can be summoned in the cave. This is found below the southern park, which is just beside the parking lot where Jotaro spawns.

Sakura Stand cave location

A little deeper inside the cave, enter the path to the right. There, you will find a slab of stone where you can Sacrifice a certain item. To activate it and summon Dio, you will need at least one Jotaro’s Hat.

The boss has a chance to drop either Dio’s Diary or Dio’s Bone. These two items are necessary to obtain or evolve certain stands.

Sakura Stand dio summoning location and arena


Deku is a rather complicated boss to summon. First, you will need to have the One For All spec, which is acquired from an NPC that has a small chance of spawning in the map every five minutes.

Sakura Stand all for one NPC giving OFA spec

Then, you’ll have to upgrade it into at least Stage 4 by getting the help of other players. You need to upgrade it to Stage 4 because anything lower will have a chance to fail the summon.

Once you have the required stage of One For All, head back into the cave mentioned earlier in the Dio section. This time, run straight forward and go through the exit that’s glowing white.

In the middle of this arena, you can summon Deku. If you have Stage 4, you are guaranteed to get him to spawn. He will drop a One For All’s Grace on death, but be careful, as this is an incredibly tough fight!

Sakura Stand deku boss fight inside arena


Various Curses can also spawn at random times all around the map. Up to eight of them can be active at once, and their varying spawn rates increase for each player that dies in the server.

These types of mobs drop a few tokens and have a small chance to give you Sukuna’s Cursed Finger. The different Curses are the following:

  • Glutton Curse
  • Mosquito Curse
  • Contorted Curse
  • Spider Curse
  • Paper Curse
  • Space Curse – This one in particular is tough to beat and drops way more tokens and multiple Sukuna’s Cursed Fingers.
Sakura Stand space curse


We have a more detailed guide on how to get Sukuna as well as an easy way to beat him solo. In a nutshell, you have to do the following:

  • Step 1 – Acquire the Yuji Itadori spec.
  • Step 2 – Consume Sukuna’s Cursed Fingers until you get a red flash and message 15 times.
  • Step 3 – Talk to the Sukuna NPC, who is standing near one of the parks.

If the requirements are met, Sukuna will teleport you into the boss arena where you can fight him.

Sakura Stand sukuna boss fight inside arena

Toji Fushiguro

Finally, Toji Fushiguro can be summoned by interacting with what appears to be a black box in the middle of one of the parks.

There are three different ways to summon him, and they are the following:

  • Spend 40,000 cash
  • Spend 400 tokens
  • Sacrifice 5 Sukuna’s Cursed Fingers

After doing that, Toji Fushiguro will spawn nearby and start chasing you down. He has 5,000 HP, so be careful when fighting him. We also have a guide on how you can cheese the boss fight if you need help.

Sakura Stand Toji Fushiguro summoning screen

And those are all of the enemies and bosses that are readily available all around the world of Sakura Stand. If you’re gonna be fighting some of these bosses, you may want to check out our guide covering the direct counters for every stand/spec, since they use these movesets as well.


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