Sakura Stand: All Items Guide & How to Get Them

Get ready for a lot of grinding and looting!

There are a ton of items that you can find all around the map in Sakura Stand. They have varying functions ranging from being simple quest requirements to giving you all sorts of stands or specs. In this guide, we’ll go through every notable and currently obtainable item in the game as well as how you can get each of them!

All Items Guide & How to Get Them

First up, a lot of the items in the game can be acquired through boxes and chests that periodically spawn all around the map. Check out our guide on loot chances for the exact drop rates.

Having said that, these are the items that you can get by simply running around and looting boxes, as well as what they do:

  • Stand Arrow – Gives you a random stand upon use.
  • Rokakaka Fruit Resets your current stand or spec.
  • Stop Sign – Provides you with the Stop Sign spec on use.
  • Mysterious Camera – Gives you a certain stand depending on the current in-game season:
    • Summer Summer Time Stand
    • Spring/Autumn – Rainy Time Stand
    • Winter – Winter Time Stand
  • Stone Mask – Using this will give you the Vampirism spec.
  • Hamon Manual – Grants you the Hamon spec.
  • Spin Manual – Grants you the Spin spec.
  • Winter – Winter Time Stand
Sakura Stand using an arrow

Auddy’s Shop

Auddy’s Shop can be found just slightly north of the Battle Field in the middle of the city. The building has a large “SHOP” sign on it, so you can’t miss it.

In here, you will find both Auddy and Simple (Stand Storage NPC). Speaking to Auddy will open up the shop, where you can buy the following items:

  • Stand Arrow – $100
  • Rokakaka Fruit – $75
  • Stop Sign – $750
  • Hamon Manual – $1250
  • Spin Manual – $1250
  • Stone Mask – $1000
  • Mysterious Camera – $1500
Sakura Stand Auddy NPC standing inside his shop

Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits have a chance of spawning with varying rates under any of the trees scattered all around the map.

These all despawn after only 5 minutes, and it can be hard to predict timings for their appearance. Having said that, the Devil Fruits you can find are the following:

  • Mochi Mochi Devil Fruit – Grants the Mochi Mochi No Mi spec.
  • Bomu Bomu Devil Fruit – Grants the Bomu Bomu No Mi spec.
  • Bari Bari Devil Fruit – Grants the Bari Bari No Mi spec.
  • Nikyu Nikyu Devil Fruit – Grants the Nikyu Nikyu No Mi spec.
Sakura Stand devil fruit spawn on the ground

Quest Items

Some items can only be obtained via certain quests. These can have some elements of RNG involves as there are quest givers who can spawn at random times all around the map.

Requiem Arrow

The Requiem Arrow can be acquired by finishing the quest given by Turtle Polnareff. Basically, you will have to defeat the Chariot Requiem boss.

This item can be used to evolve Gold Experience to Gold Experience Requiem. It cannot be used while Standless.

Haunted Sword

The Haunted Sword is given as a reward for one of Hika’s Quests. You will need to do the following in order to get it:

  • Deal 3,500 damage using a Stop Sign
  • Take 3,500 damage
  • Block 3,500 damage
  • Parry 100x

Upon using the Haunted Sword while Standless, you will be granted the Anubis stand.

Conqueror’s Will

Conqueror’s Will is an item that you get after completing Coffee’s Conqueror Quest. Giving Coffee $10,000 will give you the following objectives (must have base Mochi Mochi No Mi equipped):

  • Deal 7,500 damage
  • Take 7,500 damage
  • Block 3,500 damage
  • Parry 100x
  • Kill 50 players
  • Die 25 times

Upon completion, you will receive the Conqueror’s Will, which will evolve Mochi Mochi No Mi into its upgraded Conqueror variant.

Sakura Stand coffee NPC quest dialogue

All Might’s Hair

This item is acquired by completing All Might’s quest, which requires you to have the 9th Stage of One For All first. This will require a lot of help from other players.

If you can somehow get the required stage of OFA, his quest objectives are the following:

  • Deal 5000 damage with Standless
  • Parry 10x with Standless
  • Block 1000 damage with Standless

All Might’s Hair, when used on a Stage 9 One For All spec will grant you the incredibly hard to get Deku spec.

Cursed Finger

These items are used for Gojo’s quest, and we have a much more detailed guide on how to obtain the Gojo spec. It also goes through some tips on how you can easily get more Cursed Fingers.


There are four different Cyberware and they are all used to complete Hungry Guy’s quest. These drop from Jotaro Kujo, and we go into more detail about this in our write-up on how to get the Sandevistan spec.

Sakura Stand sandevistan spec equipped by player

Boss Drop Items

Bosses also drop various items, and these are used for either acquiring new stands/specs or summoning other tough enemies to fight.

We have a guide on where to find bosses if you need help on this part. With that said, these are the boss drops:

  • Jotaro’s Hat – Drops from Jotaro Kujo and is used to summon Dio.
  • Dio’s Bone & Dio’s Diary – Drops from Dio and is used to evolve certain stands.
  • One For All’s Grace – Drops from Deku and is used to upgrade One For All to the next Stage.
  • Split Soul Katana – Drops from Toji Fushiguro and is used to get his spec.
  • Inverted Spear of Heaven – Drops from Toji Fushiguro and is used to get his spec.
  • Chain of a Thousand Miles – Drops from Toji Fushiguro and is used to get his spec.
  • Heavenly Restriction – Drops from Toji Fushiguro and is used to get his spec. Disappears if you die or change stands.

Bag of Presents

Finally, the Bag of Presents is said to be acquired at an unknown rate from Exotic loot boxes, which are more likely to drop from bosses.

It has a chance to give you various items (including certain quest rewards). Most notably, however, it has a 25% chance of giving you the Padoru spec if used while Standless.

Sakura Stand padoru spec equipped by player

And those are all of the items that you can get while playing Sakura Stand. With more content confirmed to be coming in the future, such as the recently leaked Sandevistan Evo, expect new items to show up as a part of their acquisition methods!


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