Sakura Stand: Upcoming Starrk Spec Update & Info

This next update is going to be really cool!

Upcoming Starrk Spec Update & Info

Sakura Stand is a free to play fighting game available on Roblox. As far as gameplay is concerned, it is pretty basic and similar to other fighting games on the platform. And the game is based on various anime such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Bleach, etc.

Speaking of Bleach, the game is going to get its new Spec Update pretty soon and this time, they will be adding Starrk which is a pretty awesome character from the universe of Bleach. This guide will talk more about this, keep on reading!

More Info On Starrk Spec Update

As you are aware, something like a month ago, the Roland update came in. And about 2 weeks ago, they added the new Roland raid boss. If you still haven’t fought the Roland raid boss then you can do so by the method mentioned in this guide: Sakura Stand: How To Summon New Roland Boss Guide.

Coyote Starrk’s Spec

Clark Starrk in all his glory!

For those of you that do not know, Coyote Starrk is a character from Bleach. He is an Arrancar and one of the strongest Espada out there. The developers have chosen to add this spec in the upcoming update. The update will probably come out in something like a week or two, fingers crossed!

His main weapon will be a katana but he will also be able to use guns. How he does it is not yet completely clear, we will just have to wait for the update to roll out.

The developers showed a few images and a short video of Starrk in gameplay as sneak peaks. You can find them on their official discord server. One of the images is shown below in which Starrk is using an ability. Not going to lie, it looks pretty awesome!

Leak 1
An ability that uses the katana.

New Menos Boss?

The developers will also be adding a Menos boss to the game. There is a chance that you may have to fight this boss to get the Starrk spec. The Menos is shown in the image below.

Leak 2
This is one sassy looking Menos.

This was all the info that is currently available on the upcoming Starrk update, I hope you found it helpful. The only thing we can do right now is just wait for the developers to complete the Starrk spec and release it.

But in the meantime, why don’t you check out this guide: AUT: Complete Update 3.4 Guide. A Universal Time (AUT) came out with its 3.4 update and it added a lot of cool stuff to the game. Some of which are even free to get! Check the above mentioned guide for more info!


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