SAND LAND: How To Access DLC Content?

You only need to spend a little time in the game!

In SAND LAND, a desert country where there is a severe water scarcity that affects both humans and demon, you will discover the incredible journey of the crew as they search for the fabled spring that is concealed in the desert.

As the protagonist of this action-RPG, you will take on the role of Beelzebub and discover how to wield his demonic powers while leading your group of valiant outcasts and touring the fabled SAND LAND. Moreover, you can now access a DLC content as well! In this guide, we are going to show you how to access it.

How To Access DLC Content?

The concept of DLC might be confusing for most players as you need to meet specific requirements to access the DLC content in the game.

SAND LAND How To Access DLC Content

Basically, you are going to be able to access the DLC content after playing the game for a bit.

About an hour into the game, when you reach Spino, everything will unlock and be added to your inventory. If you completed the demo, you will also receive some additional stuff.

Sand Land DLC content preview.

So, the DLC material becomes accessible as soon as Spino’s stores open. Eventually, you are going to obtain missions to bring new residents to the village from outside of Spino.

One individual creates furniture (opening your personal space at the garage’s rear will do this). Additionally, a painter will join, granting you access to your car’s paint jobs.

Trailer image from SAND LAND's new DLC.

This is how to access DLC content in SAND LAND. Now that you know what to do, go ahead and see the exclusive content as soon as you can!

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