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SAND LAND: How To Get Shock-Absorbing Rubber Location

Now where can we find some rubber?

The RPG Sand Land is based on a Japanese manga by Akira Toriyama. The game follows the story of the characters Beelzebub, Rao, Ann and Thief as they locate a Legendary Spring while battling against monsters and the army of an evil king. Crafting and finding resources are also part of the game. We’ll show you how to find a certain type of rubber called the shock-absorbing rubber, so stick around and keep reading!

How To Get Shock-Absorbing Rubber Location

There are three ways you can acquire Shock-Absorbing Rubber in Sand Land. These three methods are listed below:

  1. Find it in chests inside workshops
  2. Craft it at the workshop in Junker market: Lisab
  3. Buy it in Spino

Now, I’ll explain in detail how each of these methods work and where to look. 

Find it in chests inside workshops

Go to and check out the Junker Market, Lisab. There is a good chance you’ll find Shock-Absorbing Rubber in chests inside workshops in this location, so let’s start there. 

Junker Market: Lisab map location in Sand Land

Go into the first workshop you find that’s closest to the entrance when you fast travel. Then, enter into the workshop and spot a chest in the corner.

Chest in Sand Land

You should find Shock-Absorbing Rubber in the second, if not first chest you loot in this location. If one is not enough, you can look for more chests in the area. Or you can check out the second method to acquire the special rubber.

Craft it at the workshop in Junker market: Lisab

Now, we’re already at the workshop in Junker market, Lisab so there’s no need for traveling or searching. If you’re done looting the chests and want a faster method to get your hands on some Shock-Absorbing Rubber, time to craft them.

It’s important to note that some materials may only appear after a certain amount of progress has been completed with the game’s main story.

Workshop in Sand Land

Just walk over to the man in a gas mask. There will be a hammer symbol on top of his head and it’ll say “workshop”. Interact with him. A window with a list of craftable items should open up. Scroll all the way down to where the shock absorbing rubber is. 

Shock-absorbing rubber description and crafting in Sand Land

It says that the synthetic rubber material is made from Plant Matter. Which means that to craft it, it requires some plant matter. If you have some on you, then that’s perfect! Start crafting the rubber.

If not, then let’s see how to get some Plant Matter.

How to get Plant Matter

You can get your hands on some plant matter by driving over trees.

Collecting plant matter in Sand Land

Go to a location with trees and take your vehicle. Simply drive over those trees. When you do that, it’ll say on the left of the screen “plant matter is obtained” which means Plant matter should automatically be sent to your inventory. 

Buy it in Spino

Next up, let’s go to a Desert Market in Spino. The market should have ample Shock-Absorbing Rubber to sell you for a price.

Desert market in Sand Land

Head inside the desert market and talk to “Ades” who’s the shopkeeper behind the desk. When you interact with her, another window will pop-up with an option to buy or sell. Click “Buy” because that’s what we’re here to do.

Next on your screen will be a list of items that you can buy. 

Shock-absorbing rubber description and buying in Sand Land

At the end of the list, you’ll find Shock-Absorbing Rubber and the price for 1 rubber is 50 Zeni. If you have enough, you can make the purchase, depending on how many you’d like to buy!

So, that’s how you get some Shock-Absorbing Rubber. The best part about having so many methods to acquire this rubber is that you can choose the approach that’s most convenient to you, so good luck finding some!

How to Use Shock-Absorbing Rubber

Let’s also look at some ways you can utilize the Shock-Absorbing Rubber.

  • Make and Upgrade Vehicle Parts:

You can take your rubber to the garage where you’ll find Ann if you want to make and upgrade vehicle parts. However, you first need to unlock the recipe to make the part. You can do this either by unlocking vehicles or acquiring blueprints.

Upgrading parts will require you to have an already upgradable part in your inventory. This will improve the vehicle’s stats.

Making vehicle part in sand Land
  • Crafting other materials.

You will need shock-absorbing rubber to craft other materials that require this rubber for crafting. And that is all! So, find yourself some shock-absorbing rubber and be sure to make good use of it! You can also make good use of your time by learning more about Sand Land and reading this guide on How To Get Raptor Steel in Sand Land!


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