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SAND LAND: How To Repair & Fix Vehicle Location

Turn your vehicle brand new again!

Sand Land is an action RPG game where you play as Beelzebub, a fiend prince. He and his friends embark on a journey to battle monsters, defeat a malevolent kind all while discovering areas and collecting resources. All that traveling will sure make your vehicle worn out. Which is why I’ll show you ways to repair your vehicle in this guide. 

How To Repair & Fix Vehicle Location

There are three ways you can repair your vehicle. Let’s look at what those ways are. 

  1. Using a repair Kit
  2. Resting at a campfire
  3. Heading to the garage in Spino

I’ll explain the details on how to approach these three methods, so keep reading. 

Using a Repair Kit

When you’re out exploring the world, you can make a quick stop anywhere to repair your vehicle before you get back on the road. Do this by pressing V on the PC or down on the D-Pad on your console to open the item wheel. 

Use the repair kit while you’re next to the vehicle you want repaired. When you select the Repair Kit, the vehicle’s health will be restored.

Item wheel repair kit in Sand Land

If you can’t find your repair kit in your item wheel despite knowing full well you have one, then you need to make sure to put the Repair Kit from the inventory into your item wheel. You can do this by opening the main menu, going to the Items tab and selecting the Repair Kit. Choose which part of the wheel you want the kit to be in.

If you actually don’t have any repair kits, I’ll show you where to get some.

Acquiring Repair Kits

  • You can purchase Repair Kits for 100 coins each from vendors like the one in Desert Market in Spino.
Repair Kit in Sand Land
  • You can randomly find repair kits in chests
  • You’ll get a few for free when you buy the Speed Demon DLC

Resting at a Campfire

As you can tell, repair kits are either expensive or sometimes a struggle to find. Alternatively, you can rest at campfires especially at times when you’re not under conflict or in combat. You can save your repair kits for dire situations like when you’re in a fight. 

In the desert, you should find campsites marked by campfire symbols. Go ahead and sit by the campfire. Long press triangle to interact with the campfire and then click on ride selection.

Campfire in Sand Land

Choose the vehicle that you want repaired so it can recover as you rest. Then, click rest and click on any amount of time. As they say, “time heals” and it in this case in Sand Land it applies to vehicles too. Once you’re done resting, your vehicle should be fully healed. 

A garage in Spino

Before you head out exploring, we recommend first repairing your vehicle at a garage in Spino.  There’s another method that does not exactly repair your vehicle but gives it more durability. It’s almost like a permanent fix. Consider upgrading your vehicle’s parts because certain components, like the Extra Armor, can increase your vehicle’s health multiplier. 

Garage in Sand Land

This will make your vehicles more resilient against the dangers of Sand Land. And this way your vehicle should either be almost brand new or much more durable than before. While you’re here check on How To Get Juicy Mushroom Sandwich for Red Ant Queen in Grounded 1.4!


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